Connex 3300HP Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

What happens when you want a high-quality communication device for either emergency or convenient usage? Well, the Connex 3300HP review is an excellent place for you to start with. At first glance, the CB radio has a heavy-duty design and excellent ease of use features. These include things such as the ergonomic keys and the conveniently placed LCD screen. Furthermore, the radio has a rugged finish unlike some CB radios you have come across. While some find the LCD screen on this unit somewhat small, it still displays the radio signals which makes it highly convenient.

Quick Summary

Best Features

Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio

  • Two power output levels
  • Noise Blanker
  • 3-level dimmer
  • 10 Watts FM/AM power
  • 40 W AM peak power
  • Automatic Noise Limiter

What’s in The Box

  • Connex 3300HP
  • User guide manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11 1/4″ (L) x 7 7/8″ (W) x 2 3/8″ (H)
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Why We Liked It

Rugged Radio Construction

The most significant benefit of this radio is that it has a sturdy design, which ensures years of reliable communication performance. Moreover, the robust radio design can withstand exposure to elements such as moisture, and dust, which can easily damage your radio. While this unit has a robust design, it is compact in structure and can withstand any high impact forces such as falls.

Quality Indicator Lights

To make things better, the radio even comes with convenient indicator lights, which show the current functionality of the machine. The indicator lights are conveniently positioned and will indicate the state of the radio so that you can make the necessary adjustments. The best part is that these lights are highly visible, both in bright and dark lit conditions.

Ease of Use Features

There is nothing worse than when you get a communications device but fail to maneuver through its functions. Thus, this is why Connex has done well to ensure this radio is simple to use, regardless of your experience level. The user interface is simple to use, and you can use it to customize the performance of the machine. Plus, the radio comes with lights that are highly visible, and easy to view regardless of the time of day.

Key Features of The Connex 3300HP

High Quality Meter and Dual MOSFET Finals

Perhaps the most important function on this radio is the small meter with scales, to make it ideal for strength and power output. The small meter is unlike most you have come across on most radios today. It takes up a small space on the surface of the radio and is convenient to use as well.

On top of that, the radio also comes with a dual MOSFET, which involves the use of convenient lights for your needs. The Dual MOSFET is a contemporary type of circuit system, which ensures the CB radio delivers efficient performance. These include the blue meter light, and blue channel LED for your convenience.

Noise Control Features

To make things better, this radio even comes with convenient noise-control features to ensure you send and receive quality communications. Noise can occur due to various factors such as distance, poor weather, poor signal quality, channel congestion and more. Since these are inevitable factors you may experience when communicating, it is imperative to get a CB radio that can handle the same issue.

The noise control aspects are available on both the speaker and the microphone. The speaker comes with a noise blanker, which does well to stop any interference that may compromise your communication. Even more, the microphone on this unit has an automatic noise limiter, which makes it convenient when communicating with a recipient.

3-Level Dimmer and Echo Board

Being able to customize the visibility of the screen is also essential, especially when you have to move through different terrains such as the sea at night. The radio lets you dim the lights to make it easy to view the metrics on the screen. You can customize the brightness level of the LCD to suit your specific lighting conditions. This is because the 3-level dimmer lets you adjust the screen to dark or daylight conditions.

The best part is that the dimmer control button is well indicated and ergonomic, thus making it simple to use. As far as sound control goes, the makers of this unit have also done well to include a convenient echo board. The echo board works to reduce any echoes that can compromise the communication process.

40W AM Peak Power and Two Output Levels

Factors such as the peak power and output levels are crucial when you want to buy a good CB radio for your needs. Why is that? Well, these are features which play a significant role in the quality of sound you can expect from the radio.

Thanks to the exceptional 40W AM peak power level, you can instantly gain access to a host of channels conveniently. Not many CB radios can accommodate such a high peak power level. With this radio, you are safe that you can gain access to the emergency channels with ease. More so, the radio has two output levels, which ensures you get audible sound results to suit your needs. Even when using the radio in crowded places, you will still be able to get the sound clear and loud.

Pros of the Connex 3300HP

  • Small meter comes with convenient scales
  • 3 level dimmer indicates the current machine function
  • Two power output levels
  • 40W AM peak power level
  • Noise control functions

Cons of the Connex 3300HP

  • The meter screen is somewhat small
  • This radio is slightly heavy than most others in its category

Final Verdict

There are many types and brands of CB radio that are on the consumer market today. This can make it challenging to find one which suits your specific needs. However, we have identified one key recommendation which you can start with, the Connex 3300HP review. It’s a radio, which comes with all the unique features you need in a convenient communications device. The radio is powerful, compact and straightforward to use.

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