galaxy dx 949 review

Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Galaxy designs its CB radios with features that a serious CB operator can appreciate. The Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB is no different. The radio functions are laid out in a driver-friendly way, which is crucial for easy operation of the unit and it allows you to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. Galaxy’s engineers designed each knob to its own task, eliminating the need to dig through display menus or multifunction controls just to execute a simple task.

Quick Summary

Best Features

Galaxy-DX-949 review

  • Variable Dimmer Control
  • Clarifier Control
  • Controllable on/off Roger Beep with LED indicator
  • Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure)
  • “Talkback” Circuit with on/Off Switch and Volume Control
  • Variable Power Output Control

What’s in The Box

  • CB Mobile Galaxy DX 949 Radio
  • 4 Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • DC Power Cord
  • Mounting Bracket with Hardware
  • Microphone Hanger with Hardware
  • User’s Manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7 7/8″ (W) x 9 1/4″ (D) x 2 1/8″ (H)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Why Do We Like It?

The Galaxy DX 949 CB Single Side Band radio is equipped with all the features that any CB user needs on his or her radio. Galaxy’s engineers have been producing great units and this unit continues to reflect that by creating a powerful CB that includes SSB functionality and gives up to 120 channels of voice communication for the operator in a standard size radio. This CB/SSB radio also comes with a built in SWR meter, mic gain and roger beeps.

We also liked the Galaxy DX 949 because of its compatibility with accessories. To begin with, it is compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Secondly, it uses the “U” mounting bracket, allowing any user to mount it on any flat surface.

Thirdly, the SSB transmissions uses frequencies just above and below the standard 40 CB channels, allowing an operator to legally transmit at 12 watts to achieve significantly improved range.

It is worth mentioning that SSB radios long-range communication is only available if BOTH parties have an SSB-equipped radio.

Key Features of the Galaxy DX 949

Public Address Capability (PA)

The Galaxy DX 949 has an external speaker connection (speaker sold separately), that the operator can use to make announcements outside the cabin of their truck or semi. Many people are unaware of the importance of a PA system as they may not understand its need.

However, in a professional environment, PA systems are used all the time to communicate with supporters. Industrial environments are very loud, and it may be difficult to be heard by a spotter. However, with the PA systems, your sound can be amplified, allowing for usable communication.

Illuminated Display and Backlit Meter

The Galaxy DX 949 is equipped with an LED display and a backlit analog meter. Backlighting allows for the driver to get an accurate reading of the analog meter. The digital backlit display also allows for the same.

Backlighting is particularly important for operating in dark conditions, or any other challenging conditions such as dusty environments. Backlighting provides great safety as an operator because you can read the display and meter quickly and return focus to the road.

Dimmer Control

The Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB is equipped with a multi-level dimmer control. Light sensitivity can impair a driver’s capability on the road. It is therefore pertinent that every light in sight must be of the correct brightness. If the backlit meter and illuminated display become bright for your comfort, Galaxy has you covered. They can both be dimmed in different levels, to match your desired brightness.

Adjustable Microphone Gain

The Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB is equally equipped with a mic gain function, which allows the operator to control their mic sensitivity. It allows you to drive the pre-amp circuit harder. Through varying the gain, you can control how loud you are to everyone else.

You will be able to boost your volume when it sounds low on the receiver’s side or reduce it when it is loud. This allows for a pleasant and balanced communication experience between two parties.

Adjustable Squelch

This unit features a squelch control circuit, that allows for suppression of unwanted audio, in the absence of a strong input signal during communication. This usually leads to an unpleasant noise from the radio speaker.

The radio thus allows the user to virtually eliminate this sound through its adjustable squelch control feature. Squelch control varies the noise coming off the filter and then rectifies it by producing a DC voltage when the noise is present.

Signal Strength Meter

This Galaxy radio has an oversized, easy-to-read meter, which measures modulation, power and SWR. In addition, it has been illuminated for easy night viewing or in other challenging weather or environmental conditions.

Adjustable Output Power

The Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB allows an operator to adjust the transmit and receive power of the unit. This provides for granular control, allowing you to adjust the unit power, to suit the different communication conditions.

For example, if in a busy radio area such as a Truckstop, you may need to bump up the power to enjoy clear communication. Without the ability to do this, one is always left helpless with noisy and unclear communication until it gets less busy or you leave the area.

Tactile Controls

Tactile buttons and knobs are a great invention that everything with human interactions needs to have. They give great feedback when operating compared to old buttons and switches. These controls give the operator a great feel while using this CB.

Also, tactile controls allow for precise input from the operator, reducing mistakes and operating time in the process. This allows a drive to keep eyes on the road, for longer, hence increasing safety.

Tactile controls have been proven in other industries and are very durable. This will save you money from radio repairs and downtime at work, in the case of a trucker or professional user.

Pros of the Galaxy DX 949

  • Has great audio quality and signal strength
  • Has great audio quality and signal strength
  • Variable Power Output Control
  • Variable Dimmer Control which is great for user visibility and safety
  • Equipped with Roger Beeps, controlled with an On/Off Switch and LED Indicator

Cons of the Galaxy DX 949

  • Poor performance in severe duty applications
  • Lacks transmitter power on SSB mode

Final Verdict

The Galaxy DX 949 AM/SSB is for users who need the benefit of long-range SSB communications in an affordable package. In this light, we recommend it for use with semis, pick-ups and other vehicles with ample room. This radio needs a lot of room; the cabin needs to have ample space for mounting a full-sized radio.

However, we would not recommend this radio for industrial or high-impact use. In conclusion, if you are ready for a professional CB upgrade or is an experienced operator, then the Galaxy DX 949 will be a great choice.

It is very cost effective, and it has everything one could ask for on a CB/SSB radio. Its traditional rugged design means business, and the unit will last for years. If it does not, there is a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you that so much needed peace of mind.

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