best long range walkie talkies

The Best Long Range Walkie Talkies Worth Buying This Year

best long range walkie talkies

The best long range walkie talkies provide the most reliable way of staying in touch when you don’t have cellular service. These devices allow communication even in areas without mobile coverage.

Secondly, they also help you talk to multiple people simultaneously. As a result, they are helpful for all sorts of situations, from going on a hike with friends to shooting on set.

However, the market is full of different walkie talkies, so finding the best one could be challenging for many people. But you don’t have to worry because we will help you in this case. Following is the list of 4 best long range walkie talkies that are worth buying.

Our Picks for the Best Long range Walkie talkies

Best Overall: Midland GXT1000X3VP4 Long Range Walkie Talkie

Best for Hiking & Camping: MOTOROLA T402 Longest-Range Two-Way Radio

Budget Friendly: Midland LXT600VP3 Long Range Walkie Talkie

Good for Hunting & Mountains in a Group: Arcshell Rechargeable 6 Pack Walkie Talkie

4 Best Long range Walkie talkies

Following is an in-depth review of the five best long range walkie talkies.

1.   Midland GXT1000X3VP4 Long Range Walkie Talkie – Best Overall

The Midland GXT1000VPA is our top choice for the best long range walkie talkie, which comes in a pack of three. Undoubtedly, these walkie talkies with long range are very advanced devices.

They have 50 channels and a range of 36 miles, along with a scan to detect activity. Its exterior is durable, sturdy, and water-resistant using the JIS4 waterproof protection, so splashes will not damage it. Thirty-six miles long range made Midland GXT1000VPA a top choice among several other products.

Further, Midland’s model gives clear sound when it comes to communication. It provides hands-free operation using eVOX, which has nine sensitivity levels. With 142 privacy codes, you can select from 3,124 channels and listen to crisp, clear audio.

Last but not least, Midland GXT1000X3VP4 includes NOAA weather scanning to alert you to approaching hazardous weather. Another great thing about this longest-range two-way radio is that when there is a risk of bad weather, the device chooses the strongest weather channel out of 10 and sounds an alarm.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5


  • Easy voice & sound activation transmission
  • JIS4 waterproof protection
  • Two-way communication
  • Weather Alert
  • Dual radio kit


  • Provide splash-resistant
  • Support whisper mode
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Extended range


  • Battery drains quickly

Customer Reviews

“I like the Midland GXT1000X3VP4 walkie talkie. Despite being run over by dirt bikes, they remained undamaged. The other weekend, I had a friend who broke down while riding, and we could communicate from 2 miles away. These radios are great if you plan to be out with your group and need to stay in touch.” – said Gillian.

“I don’t like the battery. There is short battery life, and the battery drains out quickly—otherwise, a good product.” – Abdel Shahin.


With Midland GXT1000VP4, you can communicate over long distances with excellent quality. It’s possible to use it up to 36 miles away, and the units include all the features you need, along with a couple of extras so you can communicate conveniently from far-off locations. Its long range and extensive features make it an ideal choice for outdoor activities.

2.   MOTOROLA T402 Longest-Range Two-Way Radio – Good for Camping and Hiking

If you do not require the enormous range of GMRS two-way radios, the Motorola T402 is another excellent option. The range of this device can go as far as 35 miles, which is incredible.

Due to its weather-resistant design, it is ideal for outdoor use in various conditions. Further, like other walkie talkies on this list, the T402 comes with a micro-USB charging cable that can last more than 26 hours between charges.

It is also worth mentioning that this longest-range two-way radio features a flashlight, which can help you use it in the dark. Moreover, 22 channels are available, each with 121 privacy codes, allowing for around 2,662 possibilities for channel selection and conversation.

However, though it’s a suitable device, according to some users, the model isn’t very sturdy against drops, so if you are rough with your devices, you may be better off opting for a sturdier model.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5


  • 22 channels & 121 privacy codes
  • 11 weather channels
  • Dual power options
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Waterproof


  • Support UHF tuner technology
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to use


  • Less durable

Customer Reviews

“I am delighted with this walkie talkie. Having tried several cheaper models, we finally decided to spend the money on these. In light usage, it can last for several days on a charge with the included batteries. As for the range, it is sufficient for our needs. Despite this, there are a couple of negatives, including a belt clip that could be stronger. A small tab that holds it on is prone to breaking or being bent when pulled or snagged. However, it still seems like a great product. – Terry Bilbrey.

“Using the product can be challenging for some users because the instructions lack clarity. Overall, I have no problems with the walkie talkie.” – Eric Von Zipper.


The Motorola T402 has multiple channels and features, making it an excellent walkie talkie you can use during moderate hiking and camping. Its elegant design and portability offer you the Motorola convenience you expect. This product performs admirably compared to Motorola’s lower-end walkie talkies and other brands.

3.   Midland LXT600VP3 Long Range Walkie Talkie – Good Budget Conscious

If you are looking for an affordable walkie talkie with an extended range, then you might prefer the Midland LXT600VP3. While not quite as impressive compared to the previous Midland model, it can cover a large range of 30 miles.

When you consider the price tag, 30 miles is a considerable distance. Furthermore, it has 36 channels and a channel scan feature to indicate channels that are active.

Additionally, there are 121 privacy codes, allowing you to choose between 2,662 channel options to keep your conversations private. It also comes with a tone-coded squelch, which helps keep transmissions clear.

The Midland LXT600VP3 includes an NOAA weather scan system that will help you get the latest weather forecast by automatically connecting to the strongest station. An NOAA weather alert will sound when severe weather is approaching your area, giving you time to seek shelter if necessary.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5


  • 36 channels + privacy codes
  • Hands-free operation
  • Cross compatible
  • NOAA weather scan
  • Dual power options


  • EVX technology supported
  • Offer a durable range
  • Affordable pricing
  • Water-resistant


  • Work poorly around obstructions

Customer Reviews

“LXT600VP3 is an excellent walkie talkie for outdoor activities because it’s easy to use, and the battery lasts long.” – Richard Liebespach.

“While the range and distance aren’t what I expected, I live in a city, which may impact the distance. The product is overall satisfactory to me.” – Mark R. Wietstock.


If you are a beginner who needs a long range walkie talkie for outdoor use, you should consider the Midland LXT600VP3. This set of walkie talkies includes durable two-way radios with 30-mile ranges and all the essentials you need for a long range walkie talkie.

4.   Arcshell Rechargeable 6 Pack Walkie Talkie – Good for Hunting & Mountains in Groups

Arcshell Rechargeable is an excellent choice for those interested in a lightweight and portable walkie talkie. The lightness, features, and water resistance of the Arcshell walkie talkie make it a worthy pick for the outdoor hobbies.

Sixteen pre-programmed channels are available on this walkie talkie that operates on UHF 400-470 MHz. Moreover, it’s easy to connect the walkie talkies immediately since their frequencies match across all 16 channels.

A mechanical rotary channel selector with 16 positions is also present in each device. An automated voice tells you what channel you are on as soon as you change channels.

The radios come with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that you can recharge in approximately 2.5 hours. It will be no problem to hear transmissions with high-quality speakers.

Additionally, they can cover a range of up to five miles when used in an open area. These devices include headsets and earphones that allow you to use hands-free communication. It is also water-resistant so that you can wear them no matter the weather.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5


  • 500mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Pre-programmed 16 channels
  • Battery saver function
  • Push-to-Talk button
  • Built-in mic


  • Offer channels scanning
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • Some users complain about durability

Customer Reviews

“It does not come with noise cancellation. It’s almost impossible to hear when I’m using it at the club for administration and security. However, it is fine in a quiet place.” –  Silas Joehandle.

“On a family cruise, we used the radios to communicate among floors and cabins. It is an excellent way for the kids to stay in touch. I was very happy with how they worked.” –  Maria Del Cid.


These Arcshell walkie talkies are perfect for those searching for lightweight, compact, waterproof products. Hunters and mountaineers find this product highly valuable because of its extensive features and long-lasting battery.

Best Long Range Walkie Talkies – Buying Guide


Depending on the manufacturer, walkie talkies communicate up to a certain distance if nothing is blocking their communication. Likely, a product with a 30-mile range may only work for 10 to 15 miles in an enclosed building with many walls.

Therefore, you should buy a walkie talkie long enough to reach the distance you need. However, remember that walkie talkies with a higher range will also be more expensive.


Consider whether you need VHF or UHF radios if you purchase multiple walkie talkies. VHF frequencies have loose and long wavelengths, allowing them to cover wide areas and penetrate bushes and trees. In contrast, UHF waves are shorter.

Therefore, these UHF waves can pass through walls. In terms of versatility, UHF is the better choice. It is important to note that VHF and UHF are not compatible with each other. You should ensure that all the walkie talkies you buy are the same if you buy more than one pair.


FRS and GMRS are two of the most commonly used bands for two-way radios. With GMRS, the range is much wider, but you must obtain a license to use this band.

For personal use, walkie talkies usually operate in FRS, so be sure to ask the vendor which band the radio has.


The battery is another vital factor when buying the best long range walkie talkies. Depending on your needs, you can buy a radio with a rechargeable battery or one that requires alkaline batteries.

If you can find a pair that is compatible with both rechargeable and disposable batteries, it will be more convenient. Nevertheless, if you do not have a lot of choices, you should choose alkaline-powered walkie talkies if recharging is a concern for you.

An abundance of alkaline batteries is available and easy to carry around in an emergency or when charging might be days away.

The final consideration when investigating a long range walkie talkie is its battery life. This is where you really need to consider your needs. Will you be away from power for an extended period of time? If so, you should have a device that you can replace the batteries with new ones. If you are out on daytrips and will be able to access a charger between trips, then it’s worth thinking about buying a walkie talkie with a rechargeable battery.


A walkie talkie communicates with another through a channel or frequency. The device generates waves at different rates based on the information it receives. Sound waves travel at a certain frequency, so they can communicate if two radios operate simultaneously.

The number of channels on an FRS radio can range from 2 to 14. However, having multiple channels means you are less likely to have your frequency interfered with by the frequencies of other radios operating in your area.

Some of the best long range walkie talkies can even scan and alert you to all of the available frequencies, so you may want to check for this feature when purchasing. Usually, the more channels the radio has, the more expensive it is, so buying as many as you can afford is a good idea.


When buying a walkie talkie, you must consider where you will use it. Can you use it in an environment with many obstructions, such as a mall? Or will you use it, for instance, to communicate across farmland?

Knowing where you will use your product will help you make the right buying decision. Generally, VHF radios are effective at covering large areas and open water, while UHF radios can penetrate walls.


All the long range walkie talkies reviewed in this article are of the highest quality. As the reviews from real customers bare out, they are all worthwhile considerations. However, we recommend selecting the Midland GXT1000X3VP4 as the best long range walkie talkie.

The Midland GXT1000X3VP4 offers the best combination of working performance and durability.

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