5 Best Ranger CB Radio Reviews in 2022

Every industry has giants, and in the CB world, a Ranger CB radio is one of them. Their CB radios are renowned for exceptional performance, build quality, and exceptional reliability. Ranger always jam-packs their CBs with features that give a customer the best communication experience while using their equipment. 

Ranger also continues to innovate their products, and this allows them to integrate modern features into their radios. This is commendable since other manufacturers who rarely innovate end up with CB radios that have average performance. It is such practices, coupled with a team of brilliant engineers and industry-leading customer support that sets this brand apart from your generic CB radio company. 

ranger cb radio reviews

This is a brand that you will fall in love with without having any regrets later on. This is evident from their customer review section, which is full of great responses. Because of this, we decided to give you a review of five of their commonly used CBs.

Top 5 Best Ranger CB Radio Reviews

RCI69FFB4 Ranger CB Radio

Ranger 69FFB4

The RANGER RCI69FFB4 Boasts over 400 watts SSB and 200W AM, making for a radio that puts everything else to shame in terms of outright performance. These specifications account for more than twice the power of some CB on the market today.

Ranger engineers knew this beast would put out a lot of heat due to its power output and employed a beefy heatsink underneath the unit for proper cooling. There are also two internal fans when extra cooling is necessary. Ranger also designed the radio with two digital backlit LED number displays, in addition to an inbuilt SWR meter.


  • Roger Beep with Switch
  • Dimmer Hi/Low
  • Variable Talk back Control
  • Variable RF Power Control
  • PA capability
  • Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain


  • Excellent receiver sensitivity
  • Very stable operating frequency
  • Adjustable AM/RF power (10w low / 150w high)
  • Fully chromed faceplate bezel
  • Built-in double FET balance mixer
  • Excellent intermodulation performance in receive mode
  • Heatsink and fan cooled


  • Extremely taxing to an electrical system with its 50a draw
  • The unit gets extremely hot
  • Demands heavy gauge wiring


ranger TR-966

The TR-966 features a new faceplate design that may appeal to people who don’t like chrome. The faceplate design is pretty muted but offers extreme functionality. This radio comes equipped with an SWR meter and a two-digit backlit display.

There is also a built-in frequency counter connection on the back of the radio to connect an external frequency counter should you wish to. In addition, it features the “new circuit design” concept from Ranger that dramatically improves the AM/ SSB radio’s performance. The new dark design makes it look tough and durable. There is still chrome on the knobs, so chrome lovers are still covered. All in all, this unit offers great performance in a new design.


  • Adjustable Volume/Squelch Control
  • Separate ANL Switch
  • SWR/CAL Switch
  • Illuminated S/RF/SWR Meter
  • Vibration Resistant Design
  • Low Noise Receiver Circuitry
  • Automatic Noise Limiter
  • Dedicated Switch for Instant Access to Channel 19
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Mic Gain Control


  • Extreme vibration resistance for those rough use cases
  • Not affected by continual bouncing and jarring
  • Comes with voltage fluctuation protection circuitry
  • Ranger offers a 2-year warranty
  • Reasonably compact, making it easy to install
  • Doesn’t have the drift issues found on some of the other SSB radios


  • No weather channels

TRE-966FFC Ranger CB Radio


If you chase after AM radios, the TRE-966FFC with its “new circuit design”, coupled with a rugged and durable construction, makes this unit one of the best in its class. Thanks to the ‘Advanced Noise Filter Circuit’, you will also be treated to outstanding SWR functionality. 

This pledges powerful noise rejection ability for this radio. It also shows noiseless and static-free reception, making for a pleasant operator experience. Thanks to the Noise Blanker and ANL, this radio is considered one of the quietest CBs. The TRE-966FFC features a backlit frequency counter and an SWR meter on the faceplate.


  • Variable Talkback
  • Variable dimmer control
  • Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
  • External pa/speaker jacks
  • RF gain control
  • Roger beep
  • Weather channels


  • Reliable for urgent communication with other truckers or any other intended party
  • Separate switch for instant channel 19
  • Knobs feel good to touch and operate
  • Solid and durable radio
  • Access to weather and emergency channels


  • Stations sometimes sounded a bit muffled
  • Deeper receive tone that made it harder to hear stations in some cases
  • Receiver wasn’t as good at picking up far off stations

TR-127FST Ranger CB Radio


The 40 channel AM CB RADIO, TR-127FST from Ranger, is one of our favorite CBs because of the chrome knobs and the great-looking American flag. If you look keenly, there is an American eagle that appears to be sitting on the radio making that faceplate that much more interesting.

We would say the great looks are enough to recommend this CB, but we know we need it to perform as well. The TR-127FST has important features such as RF and mic gain. It is also equipped with ANL, which limits the engine’s screeches. More importantly, this CB is extremely affordable.


  • SWR Switch for Antenna Matching
  • American Flag Face
  • PA function
  • Talkback control
  • ANL/NB Control to Reduce Background Noise and Ignition Interference
  • Front Panel Mic Plug
  • 2 Function Meter for Incoming Signal and Output Power
  • Channel 19 Switch for Instant Information


  • Affordable
  • Built with American pride and has an American flag on the faceplate
  • Well-equipped compared to others in its class
  • Great Quality coupled with high performance
  • Transformer coupled modulator


  • The design might be polarizing to others

TRE-936FFC Ranger CB Radio


The Ranger TRE-936FFC is among the radios that feature the company’s “new circuit design”, allowing this CB radio to excel in sound quality and reception. This new circuit technology, according to Ranger, will improve the signal-to-noise ratio by providing high noise rejection capability.

The TRE-936FFC is also compact, allowing you to fit it in a standard single din dash for your added convenience. This 40 channel CB radio also has an inbuilt smart blue LED indicator for different statuses of the radio, coupled with an SWR meter, frequency counter, and channel number displays, which are all backlit for your nighttime driving convenience. These features allow you to get the optimum performance from this CB.


  • SWR/RF gain switch
  • Illuminated S/RF/SWR Meter w/ Blue lamp
  • Built-in Voltage Overload Protector Circuitry
  • Adjustable volume and squelch control
  • Advanced Noise Filter Circuit Switch
  • Automatic Noise Limiter / NB Switch
  • Noise Blanker and the Automatic Noise Limiter


  • Built-in Voltage Overload Protector Circuitry
  • Switch for Instant Access to Channel 19
  • Variable Dimmer Control for comfortable night operations
  • Chrome plated body
  • Nice looking and performs well
  • Built with ruggedness, durability, and reliability in mind


  • The chrome might be too complicated for some people


It is almost impossible to run out of good things to say about Ranger CB radios. The company makes sure to offer their customers great feature sets, in all their units at reasonable prices, while making sure the units are rugged and robust for almost any application out there. Ranger covers everyone in the CB sphere by having radios with features and pricing for any level CB user. 

Also, we cannot fail to talk about Ranger’s customer support team. They are, without a doubt, one of the best in the industry. Thanks to this, you can be assured of top-quality service when you buy a Ranger product. Many people underestimate the importance of proper customer support until they find themselves in need of professional help. 

When it comes to radios and their accessories, we believe having such dedicated and caring customer support is very important. In addition, most customers have great reviews about Ranger products, and we can second this. If you are stepping into the CB radio world, or if you are a professional user, check out Ranger’s offerings for some of the best CBs you can find on the market.

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