Uniden PRO510XL Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Uniden PRO510XL is a simple but professional 40 Channel CB Radio that is ultra-compact. Not everyone has a large space to install their CBs. For example, cars or pickups have very small cabins. This makes the PRO510XL a perfect solution in such scenarios because you would be forced to improvise with large radios.

The Uniden PRO510XL manages to be compact by incorporating the most essential features for a CB radio. In fact, it is one of the smallest units on the market. Its construction is rugged and robust, which guarantees incredible durability, making this beastly unit great for off road and farm use.

Despite its compact build, it still features a full 4 Watts of RF output and an Automatic Noise Limiter that will help cut background noise. It is also equipped with a bright and easy to see display for channel indicator, a transmit and a S/RF digital meter. This is important as it allows you to have quick glances on important data.

Quick Summary

Best Features

uniden pro510xl pro series

  • Built-in automatic noise limiter and squelch control
  • RF meter and LED indicators
  • Ultra-compact
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC

What’s in The Box

  • PRO510XL CB radio
  • 4 Pin Microphone
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Kit
  • Wiring Kit
  • Owner’s Manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1-3/8” (H) x 4-1/2” (W) x 6-3/4” (D)
  • Weight: 1.53 lbs.

Why Do We Like It?

The Uniden PRO510XL is a small but highly effective CB radio for your car. It fits in almost any mobile application; anywhere you can fit a single din head unit, the Uniden PRO510XL will fit. We all know the hassle of adding accessories to cars. Size is crucial, and usually the smaller it is the better, because it can be installed in many different locations.

The Uniden PRO510XL affords you this level of flexibility. Also, this unit performs exceptionally well for its size. During testing, its range was similar to that of bigger radios and the noise blanking feature worked great! Its front mounted 4-pin dynamic mic sounded good too, with no over modulation or excess feedback.

This CB radio is also well-equipped for its compact size. This CB transceiver uses ultramodern microelectronics to create a sophisticated Euro-styled 2-way radio design, that is highly efficient and reliable in its operations. It features a front microphone connection, volume control, transmit indicator light, squelch control, ANL switch, a channel selector, an S/RF meter and channel display.

That’s not all though. The PRO510XL CB radio also offers 40 communication channels and 4 watts of output in this compact frame. Still, this radio features future expandability with back-sided connections for upgrades. It is this level of superior engineering that makes this CB radio a joy to own and use.

The PRO510XL offers great value for money. This CB radio has a low price, making it easily affordable for many people. There are many features in different CB radios that most users seldomly use. By doing away with those, Uniden was able to bring to the market a compact, reliable and affordable CB.

When you are starting a business or you are just starting to explore nature and other off-roading activities, financial constraints can be an issue. This makes the Uniden PRO510XL a better choice for people who are on a budget because it will help serve the purpose without digging a hole in their pockets.

Key Features of The Uniden PRO510XL

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

This unit is equipped with an AGC circuit which controls less than 10dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 50,000 microvolts. A dedicated toggle on the unit’s front fascia controls this feature, making it very convenient to turn it on and off. AGC ensures your communications are loud and clear, which is key in any environment the Uniden PRO510XL will be used in.

Public Address Capability

The Uniden PRO510XL has an external speaker connection on the back if you wish to use its PA functions. This is great for both domestic and industrial applications. You can use it to make announcements in an industrial setting to workers or any intended party. While in the trails exploring with friends or family, you can use the unit to call out people if they are lost or they are too far to hear you.

Squelch Control

This radio is also equipped with adjustable squelch control for thresholds less than 1µV. This allows you to successfully suppress your output if there are no strong, desirable signals. The CB also allows you to define how much the unit squelches and suppresses weak radio signals, through the squelch level adjust knobs. If your desire is to filter out weaker signals and background noise or increase the squelch level, turn the knob clockwise and vice versa.

Super Heterodyne Circuit

The Uniden PRO510XL has a Super heterodyne circuit with phase-locked loop techniques that facilitate precise frequency control. Coupled with the built-in ANL and squelch control, it allows the Uniden PRO510XL to eliminate noise and improve communications greatly, making it a great feature to have. Thanks to this feature, you can now hear someone who is far away and respond with ease. These features make this CB by Uniden a class leading performer in sound quality, impressing many CB users in the process.

Convenience and User Friendliness

The Uniden PRO510XL is simple and functional. There is nothing on the face of this CB that is an “extra feature”. To begin with, the controls are for features you use daily and nothing else. The PRO510XL has only four inputs.

It’s a minimalist’s dream CB radio. However, for a professional, it means that the conveniently located controls will make life easier while driving. For outputs, this CB features a clear and bright LED screen and multiple LED level indicators that boost its usability. Uniden engineers made sure this is an extremely functional and professional unit.

Pros of the Uniden PRO510XL

  • The unit is incredibly durable, compact and surprisingly affordable for a CB radio
  • Well suited for industrial, commercial & off-road use considering its price
  • Compact in size, allowing it to fit in any vehicle
  • Equipped with the quick change to channel 9 and Squelch tuning
  • Has future expandability in mind, with Ports for add-ons to internal and PA (external) speaker systems.

Cons of the Uniden PRO510XL

  • Has no weather channels
  • Doesn’t support talk back
  • No scanning function for CB channel

Final Verdict

The Uniden PRO510XL is a great choice for an entry level CB Radio user, or anyone who simply wants a basic CB. It is modern, compact and easy to operate, thanks to its user-friendly design. In addition, it is reliable and affordable, allowing you to have a blast on the trail worry free of your communications setup.

If you own a Suzuki, Toyota or Jeep, this is the CB for you. The PRO510XL’s sturdy and rugged design, makes it a great option for off-road or industrial use. Quite frankly, this heavy-duty CB is great for all applications. Coupled with a two-year manufacturer warranty, you are sure to get your money’s worth out of this CB. The unit has great user reviews online, with most people praising its outstanding usability and reliability.

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