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10-4 meaning in cb talk

What does 10-4 Mean in CB Talk? Ten Four Meaning and It’s Origin

There are many things any CB Radio enthusiasts can learn from this process. A good example would be the various CB slang and lingo that exist out there. However, the issue is often that not many people can decipher these terms and it’s good to learn about when they are used.So, tell me what does […]

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Mic Wiring Color Code – The All Inclusive Guide!

Are you a professional songwriter, music producer, entertainment guide or more? Well, staying informed about the appliances that you use is crucial. The only challenge is that you have to keep track of various unique aspects and things to ensure the best results.We take a look at the popular mic wiring color code, and a […]

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how to set up and install a cb radio

How to Set Up and Install a CB Radio

A CB radio is an important tool for two way communication and for various applications. Even if most people set up their CBs in a house, it’s much better to place one in a car.Doing so, will ensure you can communicate easily with different people. Furthermore, the radio might also become useful in various emergency […]

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diy cb antenna

DIY CB Antenna

Making your DIY CB antenna is not an easy process, and you have to be well informed if you want the best results. There are various aspects about CB antenna set up that you have to consider. So, in this guide, we take a look at all the things associated with a DIY CB antenna. Making your […]

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Factors Affecting CB Radio Range

There is a common question which people ask about CB antennas. The question is “what are the factors affecting CB radio range?”Well, getting an accurate answer to this question is tricky because it relates to various factors. We shall take a look at these factors, and various other factors that relate to the average and […]

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do people still use cb radios

Do People Still Use CB Radios?

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, what worked yesterday is obsolete today and what works today would be useful tomorrow. Hence, it makes sense that you want to know if people still use CB Radios.In this article we’ll tell you what a CB Radio is and answer the ‘do people still use CB radios’ […]

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how to hook up a cb linear amp

How to Hook up a CB Linear Amp

Linear amps are some of the most useful tools that can help you improve your CB radio’s transmission range. Ideally, they work by taking the output of your radio and boosting its signal so that it can travel farther.They are usually designed for use at home or in mobile applications, but the only difference is […]

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cb vs ham radio

CB vs. Ham Radio | Which One to Choose ?

If you’re new to the world of two-way radio communication, chances are you have come across ham radios and CB radios and wondered what sets them apart. While the both are two-way radios, they each have some key differences that make them unique. As such, this article is going to look at the main differences and […]

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rf gain and squelch on cb radio

RF Gain and Squelch on CB Radio

Noise usually comes in many forms. While it is impossible to get rid of noise, static noise should always be kept at a minimum because it will make you struggle a lot to hear the message.However, the RF gain and squelch control on your CB radio go to great lengths to ensure that the noise […]

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cb radio frequency chart channel

CB Radio Frequencies and CB Channels: What You Need to Know

CB radios are great for a number of reasons. Unlike ham radios, they do not require you to have a license to use them and they have up to 40 channels at your disposal. The vast number of channels means that you have plenty of options whenever you want to engage in short distance communication. However, […]

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