Cobra 18 WX ST II Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

There is nothing better than getting a sleek and convenient solution that addresses your unique communication needs. Well, this is what you can expect from the Cobra 18 WX ST II. It is a CB radio that comes with all the unique features you would wish for in a communication device.

The extra-long mic cord makes it convenient to communicate, as you look out the terrain. You will also appreciate the ease to use the LCD screen and its ergonomic keys. Not only is this unit fully featured, but the sleek matte black finish adds to the radio an element of style.

Quick Summary

Best Features

cobra 18 wx st ii

  • Sound tracker system
  • NOAA weather channel alerts
  • Dual-channel operation
  • Super compact and channel scanning
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel structure
  • High quality LCD interface

What’s in The Box

  • Cobra 18WX ST II radio with 4-pin microphone
  • Fused power cord
  • A microphone hanger
  • Mounting bracket (U-Shaped) plus screws

Useful Specifications

  • Weight:  4.25 lbs. (1928g)
  • Dimensions: 7″ W x 6.5″ D x 1 7/8″ H

Why We Liked It

Channel Scanning and Sound Tracker

The key benefit of this radio is that it comes with channel scanning features. It is a feature which automatically scans local channels on the 40-channel range, and lets you switch to any in an instant. This is a convenient feature, especially for emergency services that require updated channel information.

Furthermore, the CB radio features a sound tracker, which regulates the quality of the communication. It can thus handle interference pretty well. The unique sound system also extends through to the microphone. The microphone on this unit comes with noise cancellation features to ensure your recipients get quality audio.

Compact and Durable Design

No one wants a big radio which takes up lots of space on the desk. A small and compact CB radio is way more convenient, and easy to use. In the past, most CB radios used to be large due inferior technology at that time. However, anything larger than 5 lbs. can be referred to as huge. Luckily, the Cobra 18 WX ST II isn’t one of them.

Weighing in at just 4.25 lbs., this radio is lightweight, and this makes it easy to carry around. Even though the radio is small, this never causes any compromise in its overall performance. The radio takes up a small amount of space which makes it ideal for installing in cars. Furthermore, the exterior finish is also reinforced to make the radio durable and resistant to high impact forces.

Noise Elimination Features

We also liked the radio’s ability to reduce the occurrence of noise when communication with recipients. Noise can be a significant issue when you want to communicate with other recipients, especially when the weather is terrible. You need a radio with quality noise management tools.

Regardless of weather changes or adjustments in your position, you can count on the Cobra 18 WX ST II whenever you demand quality communications each time. This is because the radio comes with quality noise cancellation functions on the microphone and speaker.

This way, sounds leaving or coming to the radio are filtered to ensure you get the richest audio quality possible. The presence of such a feature is often a significant indication of quality construction.

Key Features of The Cobra 18 WX ST II

Noise Management

Noise interference and weak signals are perhaps the most significant issue facing most CB radio operators today. Being able to manage noise is crucial, especially for an emergency assistance service that has to respond promptly. The 18 WX ST II thus comes with an outstanding noise management system to ensure you can communicate clearly each time.

The radio comes with a unique sound tracker system, which goes to great lengths to filter through most of the noise. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of the radio with every person you communicate with.

Ideally, Cobra seemed to understand the hassles associated with using the conventional CB radio. To make things better, they have even incorporated a noise cancellation microphone, which ensures your recipients get you loud and clear each time.

NOAA Weather and Emergency Radio

A CB radio without NOAA weather channels can be daunting. The best CB radio has to provide you with access to NOAA weather and emergency radio functions. The NOAA weather service is an emergency feature that provides regular updates on the weather. Such a feature is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, hikers, and those who are out at sea since it can warn them of bad weather in advance.

The radio will automatically perform a scan and send an emergency message in the form of a beeping sound. You also gain access to the conventional 40 channels that you can find on most types of CB radio. The best part is that you can switch to the next channel with the simple touch of a button.

Dual Watch and Easy Installation

The dual watch functionality is a feature you won’t find in just any ordinary CB radio. Most advanced CB radios always incorporate the feature. Simply put, the dual watch functionality lets you monitor two radio channels at the same time, and this adds a ton of convenience to the CB radio user. On top of that, the radio provides you with instant access to channels 9 and 19 so that you can easily switch to the two frequently used channels.

Cobra has also done well to make this unit convenient and straightforward to install. This is all thanks to the durable mounting brackets it comes with. You can literally have this unit ready for use within a few minutes of unpackaging it.

Long Range and Automated Channel Scanning

You will also appreciate the automatic channel scanning function that is available with this radio. The channel scanning function will scan all the 40 channels, and you can instantly switch to any with the simple push of a button.

As far as size goes, this is perhaps the most compact CB radio you will come across on the consumer market. While this unit is small in size, it makes up for its small size with a long communication range and excellent communication functions.

Moreover, the small size of this unit means that it will take up a small space in your vehicle. You will find it easy to install in places with limited space, such as the interior of your car. The best part is that the rugged exterior finish ensures the radio is safe from such problems as dust or moisture.

Final Verdict

Using CB radios can be a great way to communicate conveniently, especially when you get things done right. Thus, the first step is to go for a high-quality communication station that provides value where it counts. This is why we recommend the Cobra 18 WX ST II as it is an excellent choice to start with before picking a suitable radio for your needs.

It’s a radio you can count on for various purposes, including for the outdoors or emergency applications. The radio has a simple to use interface, and it also boots up fast. In addition, Cobra is one of the leading names in CB radios, and you can never go wrong with one of their products.

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