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The Best Handheld CB Radio 2022

Searching for the best CB radio for that road trip you’ve been planning for weeks? Well, you can finally rest easy. We reviewed seven of the best handheld CB radios in 2022 that you should definitely consider before making a purchase.

Featured Buying Guide

The Best CB Radios for Your Motorcycling

Make the next trip you saddle up for worry free. Get the most reliable and relied upon motorcycling communication system available. 

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How Does Ham Radio Work?

ham radio lingo and q-codes

Ham Radio Lingo and Q-Codes

Ham operators still use Morse Code. However, as you can imagine, sending a lengthy text can be time-consuming. Of course, you can always pair your…

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diy cb antenna

DIY CB Antenna

Making your DIY CB antenna is not an easy process, and you have to be well informed if you want the best results. There are…

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best low profile cb antenna

Best Low Profile CB Antenna

Whether you are in the trucking business, or you perhaps run a security firm, or any other business that requires communication, owning the right resources…

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Install a CB Radio

How to Install a CB Radio

A CB radio is an important tool for two-way communication and for various applications, but understanding how to install a CB radio is one handy…

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