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Top 5 Best Stryker CB Radios – Some of the Best

Stryker CB Radios are one of the most popular radio brands out there. It has earned a big reputation over the years thanks to its high-quality products. 

We thus went ahead and reviewed five of Stryker’s best CB radios so that you can decide which of the five radios suits you best. While the Stryker SR-655 was our top pick, it was tough settling for this radio since the rest were almost as impressive.

We also included a buyer’s guide which can come in handy whenever you are looking to buy a CB radio without minding about its brand.

What Makes Stryker CB Radios Popular?

The popularity of Stryker CB radios stems from their quality and a huge number of features. Stryker radios are also popular because many of their features are relevant and useful. Their backlit faceplates, for instance, make them easy to view in the dark.

The inclusion of a multicolor display also adds to the convenience since you can choose the backlight color. Some of the features that Stryker CB radios ship with are not available in many other CB radios.

A good example is the Up-Armed TM receiver which lets the radios work smoothly even in extreme conditions.

Have a Quick Look at our Comparison Table Of Best Stryker CB Radios

Reviews of 5 Best Stryker Radios

Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio

While there are plenty of reasons to like the Stryker SR-655, we struggled to find what not to like about this radio because its all-round performance was simply amazing. This radio certainly isn’t the most powerful Stryker radio on the list. However, since it comes with all the basic features and has great transmission and reception capabilities, it was difficult to leave it behind.

Quick Summary

  • Four FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors
  • 32-position dimmer control
  • 7-color LED backlit
  • 70W PEP
  • PC Programmable

Best Features Stryker SR-655

Brilliant 7-Color LED Backlit Faceplate

Using the radio in dark lighting conditions would be difficult without the LED backlit faceplate. All the control knobs and even the LED display itself are backlit. In addition, the radio has up to seven different colors to choose from for the backlight.

High Power MOSFET Transistors

More power means better range, and the SR-655 draws its power from the four high-power FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors which give the radio a decent 70W PEP power output.

Advanced NB/ANL

The NB and ANL of the SR-655 help reduce noise during transmission so that you can enjoy clear audio quality. Be sure to leave these two always turned on = for the best CB experience.


  • Offers clear and distortion-free communication
  • It has great signal reception
  • It comes with simple and easy-to-use controls that provide a great user experience
  • Highly customizable thanks to PC programming


  • Poor quality stock mic
  • It requires extra setup when you want to use it in a truck
  • It is not SSB capable
SSB Functionality

If you need more performance from this radio, you’d be happy to know that it comes with SSB functionality and two different modes – USB and LSB. You can thus access slightly more channel signals compared to a radio that does not have SSB functionality.

PC Programmable

Interfacing your CB radio with a computer opens up a world of new possibilities since you can customize the radio to your liking. You will, however, require a compatible cable to hook up your PC to this radio since it doesn’t come with one.

Dimmer Control

The SR-955HPC lets you control the brightness of its backlit LED display easily. It has 32 different stops, and this means you can control the brightness of the radio to a precise level that you find comfortable.


  • Decent-looking faceplate with a great LED display
  • Powerful transmission and reception thanks to the FQP13N10 transistors
  • Comes with SSB functionality hence powerful
  • PC programmable hence can be customized to one’s liking


  • The radio has an oversensitive receive
  • This unit is expensive

Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC AM/FM 10M Radio

The Stryker SR-497 may not be an SSB radio like the Stryker SR-955HPC, but if power is a factor that you consider when choosing a CB radio, then the SR-497 would be a great choice. After all, it is the one Stryker radios that has the highest PEP power.
stryker radios sr-497 specifications

Quick Summary

  • 90W PEP power
  • 7-color LED backlit face plate
  • Advanced NB/ANL
  • Talkback control
  • PA functionality

Best Features Of Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC

Variable Power and Talkback Controls

The SR-497 also features a variable power control knob which lets you dictate how much power the radio is to use and consequently the range of the radio.

Multi-step Dimmer

Easily adjust the brightness of the radio’s backlight by using the 32-position multistep dimmer. You can have it set all the way to maximum in dark light conditions or set to minimum when you want the backlight turned off altogether.

Advanced NB/ANL

The radio’s NB and ANL aim to remove noise during transmission so that you can enjoy good-quality audio. We were happy Stryker included a convenient switch that lets you easily access these functions.


  • Powerful
  • The radio is easy to use
  • Comes with impressive features like variable power control and a multi-step dimmer
  • It has an automatic warning indicator that alerts you if SWR is high


  • The included microphone is not high quality

Stryker SR-94HPC 10 Meter Radio

The SR-94HPC was clearly the most compact Stryker CB radio since it had an entirely different look and feel to it. The large LCD panel and the programmable buttons on its front are just the tip of the iceberg.
stryker sr-94hpc

Quick Summary

  • 45W PEP power
  • 4 memory channels
  • High and low power switch
  • Dual watch
  • Automatic SWR

Best Features Stryker SR-94HPC

Selectable High/Low Power Modes

The SR-94HPC doesn’t have a high PEP power like the Stryker SR-497HPC, but since it has a selectable High/Low power mode, you get to dictate how the radio should perform. We do however recommend leaving it set on the high-power mode for the best range.

Memory Channels

You can save up to four of your favorite channels on the SR-94HPC’s memory so that you can easily access the channel later when needed. While the memory channels fill up fast, you should know that not so many other Stryker radios have memory channels, and this is what makes the SR-94 partly special.

Scan Function

The automatic scan function that the radio ships with lets you scan all available channels for a strong and active signal. This is far better than having to manually press the scan button every time.

Dual Watch Functionality

The SR-94HPC’s dual watch functionality is a great little feature that can come in handy when you’re interested in getting information from two channels and at the same time.


  • Large backlit LED display
  • It features 6 programmable buttons
  • It has a super compact design which allows it to be fitted in tight places


  • The four memory channels get filled up fast

SR-447HPC2 Heavy-Duty 10 Meter Radio

This radio greatly resembles the Stryker SR-497HPC, but it has a slightly higher PEP power. It still shares many of the features that many other radios on the list have such as an inbuilt SWR meter as well as ANL and NB for noise reduction.
stryker 447hpc2

Quick Summary

  • 55W PEP power
  • 7-color LED backlit faceplate
  • Multi-step dimmer
  • Variable talkback control
  • Up-Armored receiver

Best Features SR-447HPC2

Multi-color LED Display

The radio lets you select a backlight color that fancies you so that the radio can blend in with your car’s interior. Since the backlight extends to the knobs and the scale as well, it makes the radio easy to operate in low light conditions.

High SWR Alert Protection

In case your SWR goes up for any reason, this radio will notify you so that you can prevent your radio from sustaining any damages. Most people will find this quite helpful when tuning the radio for the first time.

Variable Talkback Control

The radio lets you hear your own voice before you can start transmission, and this is thanks to variable talkback control. As such, you will be sure that your voice is clear and audible enough before you start communicating with other people.

Multi-step Dimmer

The choice of up to seven different LED backlight colors is amazing. However, the radio’s multi-step dimmer lets you control the brightness of the backlight so that it is easier on your eyes.


  • The radio is small and compact enough to fit in tight spaces
  • It comes with a S/RF meter
  • It has plenty of noise reduction features like NB and ANL
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Has an inbuilt SWR meter


  • Lacks variable squelch control

What to Consider Before Buying a Stryker CB Radio

If you are already hooked to a brand, we understand that it can be difficult to select a radio of choice since many of the available radios have nearly the same specifications. However, the trick lies in looking at the available features and assessing whether they are important to you or not.

With that said, here are a few of the features you should consider before you buy your next Stryker CB radio.

Inbuilt SWR Meter

In case you do not wish to spend some extra bucks on an SWR meter, then you should grab a CB radio with an inbuilt SWR meter. They may not have the same sensitivity as standalone SWR meters, but it is far better to have an inbuilt SWR meter than none.

Newer CB radios constantly come with inbuilt SWR meters. You should thus consider getting newer CB radio models if you are looking for inbuilt SWR meters.

Design, Weight, and Size

CB radios come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. As such, you can get the perfect radio for your vehicle. If you have space limitations, you can choose the smaller and more compact CB radios. However, if you need advanced CB radio features, you are more likely to get them with the bigger CB radios.

Multichannel Communication

You get up to 40 channels with typical CB radios, but you can have more if you get a radio with programmable channels. The benefit of having such a radio is that you get to communicate without having to worry about interference from other users. In addition, you get some little privacy since the extra channels are less crowded than the regular 40 channels.

PA Functionality

It isn’t a must-have, but you should definitely consider getting a CB radio with a Public Address (PA) when you want to amplify your voice. This can come in handy in rescue situations where you need to talk to a crowd or when you are calling out for help.

Keep in mind that you will be needing a PA horn to make use of your radio’s PA feature. Nevertheless, it is still comforting to have a radio with PA capability that you do not use rather than a radio without PA functionality in the first place.

Our Conclusion to the Best Stryker CB Radios

Selecting the best Stryker CB radio is not easy because all of the Stryker radios we reviewed are great in their own way. However, things can get a little easier if you focus more on the features that matter to you. In addition to the features, it is also important to consider size and design. You can trust the brand and the quality that comes with it.

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