uniden pc78ltw review

Uniden PC78LTW Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

The PC78 series of products from Uniden have a long reputation for being some of the most iconic and best radios for truckers. Aesthetically, the PC78 series of radios are a marvel from Uniden, and we would expect nothing less from the Uniden PC78LTW. All the features in the Uniden PC78LTW are those that professionals need, but amateurs could equally find the radio easy to use.

One of the features we found handy was the RF knob which allowed us to adjust the radio’s sensitivity the way we wanted. Additionally, it is no surprise that the PC78LTW can transmit signals to long distances since it deals with noise like a modern CB radio. Other than that, you’d be happy to know the radio has an inbuilt SWR meter.

uniden pc78ltw review

Quick Summary

Here are some quick facts about the Uniden PC78LTW to help you get started off with:

Best Features

uniden pc78ltw review

  • Dynamic Squelch Control (DSC): Automatically sets Squelch to the optimal level for stronger signals
  • 40 Channel Operation
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Backlit Control Knobs
  • Multi-function analogue meter
  • LED channel indicator
  • NB/ANL: Reduces external noise and interference from vehicle electronic systems
  • SWR: allows for calibration of Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)

What’s in The Box

  • PC78LTW CB 2-way mobile radio
  • Microphone
  • Mounting Bracket Kit
  • DC Power Cord
  • Reference Guide
  • Part 95 Subpart D (FCC Rules)
  • Product Registration Card

Useful Info

  • Dimensions: 2 2/8″ (H) x 7 1/4″ (W) x 8 7/8 (D)
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs.

Why Do We Like It?

The Uniden PC78LTW radio is a full-featured legend, which not only gives you the necessary bells and whistles, but more. Uniden gives you the AWI light. This is an antenna warning indicator alert that warns the driver of a mistuned or the bad antenna system, saving your radio from destruction. It also assures that your antenna is well tuned and that you will enjoy great reception and transmission. 

The Uniden PC78LTW has circular illuminated dials that make it easy to use. Even though the unit does not have a full backlit display, the luminosity around the controls make it easier to access and operate in the evenings or in dark conditions. The Uniden PC78LTW also uses a standard pin for microphone input. 

We also liked the unit because it comes with standard volume and squelch styles RF gain controls, all through a single switch, which is very convenient. 

The Uniden PC78LTW additionally allows the operator to check the weather all the time. Weather conditions are broadcasted on 7 different channels thanks to NOAA Weather Radio Channels. The unit comes with severe weather alert sounds. This is a seven second signal that allows one to be fully aware of the situation.

Key Features of the Uniden PC78LTW

Dynamic Squelch Control (DSC)

Squelch Control feature decreases the noise when communicating with other people who may not have it.  It allows the operator to hear someone who is far away very clearly and is able to respond correctly, making for fast, efficient, and most importantly clear communication. This feature can be operated and adjusted by turning the volume knob all the way counter clockwise. The operator is able to adjust the RF gain to a point where there is little or no noise.

PA/CB Switch

This functionality allows the operator to quickly switch to PA mode to make announcements on an external speaker. A driver will be able to make external announcements, which is extremely helpful in noisy environments or during maneuvering in tricky situations. The external speaker is, however, not supplied and should be purchased and installed separately should you wish to put this function into use.

Backlit Display, and Backlit Control Knobs

The Uniden PC78LTW comes with backlit knobs and a backlit display. This allows the driver to use the unit in the dark or any other challenging conditions. Drivers are able to operate the unit clearly in the dark because they can clearly see where all the buttons are and the information on the display. This allows for safe operation. Also, the backlit display means a driver can see alerts in the dark and be aware of any dangerous conditions ahead.

Weather Alert

When activated, you are notified by NOAA weather of local inclement conditions. This allows people on the road, especially truckers, to avoid adverse weather conditions that may be dangerous to their lives or their trucks. Heavy climate conditions, such as heavy snowfall, may lead to dangerous driving conditions, which presents possibilities for catastrophic accidents, in case they lose control.

Pros of the Uniden PC78LTW

  • Instant access to the Emergency and Highway channels.
  • Backlit control knobs and an LED channel indicator.
  • Big in both size and features, this CB is the night driver’s radio of choice
  • Built on the same rugged chassis as other Uniden PC78s
  • Includes dynamic squelch control, RF gain and delta tune
  • Compatible with wireless Mics.
  • Authorized by the FCC
  • Equipped with a universal mounting bracket.

Cons of the Uniden PC78LTW

  • This is a large radio. It is recommended for vehicles with a little extra space
  • Mic provided is of inferior quality.
  • Does not have a scanning function for CB channel.
  • Requires a good antenna to increase transmission quality and distance

Final Verdict

The Uniden PC78LTW is large and in charge, make sure you have enough room in the cab of your pickup, SUV or semi before installing this unit. Built on the same rugged chassis as other Uniden PC7s, the LTW is the night driver’s radio of choice. Monitor CB and weather communication with seven NOAA channels and tone-based weather alerts. The S/RF/SWR meter, channel indicator and radio controls are backlit for convenient night use. 

For precise communication, the radio’s dynamic squelch control, RF gain and delta tune allow you to dial into specific CB signals. However, the FCC still limits the radio’s transmit output. Therefore, having a quality antenna will be very important. This will allow the operator to achieve the maximum transmission distance possible. This is an awesome unit and its capabilities should therefore not be limited because of a poor antenna.

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