Galaxy DX 979 40 Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

The Galaxy DX 979 40 channel AM/SSB CB Radio is perhaps Galaxy’s smallest SSB-capable radio offering long-range performance and a full feature set despite its compact size. Despite being this compact, the DX 979 is still jam-packed with features like SSB capability, Talkback control, RF gain, and a blue backlit display that won’t fatigue your eyes. If you still find the display a bit bright for you, you’d be happy to know that there is a dimmer function on this CB. Our favorite feature is the large full feature meter which makes this radio look amazing.

Quick Summary

Best Features

galaxy dx 979 review

  • Backlit Display and Starlite backlit faceplate
  • Built-in SWR, Delta Tune and Dynamike Boost
  • High SWR Indicator
  • Rear connector for six-digit frequency counter
  • Noise Reduction (NB/ANL)
  • Variable power output control

What’s in The Box

  • DX979 CB Radio
  • CB Microphone
  • CB Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Power cable
  • Owner’s manual

Useful Specifications

  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches

Why We Liked It


The unit is compact. The Galaxy DX 979 40 radio impresses from the first time you see it because of its size. While it cannot claim the title of the smallest unit on the market (the Uniden PC122XL takes that), we can say without a doubt that it is smaller than its sibling the Galaxy DX 959, or most other sideband CBs in the U.S. Its features such as a front facing microphone jack add to its small footprint. Its small size also means that you can install it in almost any car.


This unit also impressed us with its compatibility. To begin with, it is compatible with almost every CB antenna on the market. This gives you the ability to choose what works best for your application.

Having the ability to choose from many different kinds of antennas relieves users of such problems. Also, you don’t have to guess what works or not. The DX 979 CB radio also mounts with “U” bracket, making it mountable to any flat surface. Its SSB utilizes frequencies under 40, and you can legally transmit at 12 watts. This offers great range due to a powerful transmit, making it great for long range communications.

Ease of Use

It is an extremely driver-friendly CB Radio. The Galaxy DX 979 CB radio is designed with driver interaction in mind, making it quick and easy to operate. It is also great for day or night use thanks to its pretty impressive lighting features.

We will talk about this in the feature’s sections. It has a myriad of useful controls, each designed to control a specific function of the unit. Every knob or button is programmed for a single task, relieving the operator the need to go through menus. Because of this, even new users find it easy to use, which is something that cannot be said for most other CBs in the market today.


The Galaxy DX 979 40 CB is easy to modify, with great support from the community on parts and information.  Despite being feature-rich, there are still manufacturer omissions that we would love to have, for example, a roger beep. There is an open spot on the circuit labeled ‘RB’ which you can simply solder a jumper and that’s it! It will activate your inbuilt Galaxy Roger beep. However, you can add extra channels or even unlock the clarifier if you wish to. With clear manufacturer instructions and great CB community support, you can make the Galaxy DX 979 40 CB have almost any feature you could want.

Key Features of The Galaxy DX 979 40

Starlite Faceplate

The Galaxy DX 979 StarLite faceplate is an awesome lighting, which illuminates the location of the knobs for ease of use at night. This is an amazing feature, and you will be impressed if you use this CB in low light conditions. This system illuminates all lettering in the dark, preventing the user from fumbling in the dark to get the right control knob. This dramatically improves driver safety, because you spend more time focused on the road. A bonus to the Starlite faceplate is that it makes the face of the radio look very cool.

Factory Talkback

The Galaxy DX 979 comes with a feature that lets you control the amount of Talkback. Since this is a variable control, you can adjust it to your ideal level. If you are like us, you will appreciate that fact that you can turn it down to barely audible levels. Another useful aspect of this feature is using it to hear how your different microphones sound and determine how much echo to add or take away.

Variable Power

In the Galaxy DX 979, you can dead key as low as 1 watt or at the maximum dead key and adjust to your preference from there onwards. This is particularly important if you plan to add an amplifier down the road because you can have a low dead key with a good amount of swing. Frankly, this is a feature every radio should have equipped from the factory.

Dimmer Control

If the lights on the DX 979 are too bright, the engineers at Galaxy made sure this would not be a problem, thanks to the built-in dimmer function. You can adjust different levels of brightness on the Starlite system to make sure it is not distracting in dark conditions. This ensures you are safe at night by removing any distractions from the Starlite system.

Noise Limiter Circuits and SWR Meter

Galaxy is famous for including large SWR meters on the face of most of their radios. It is also analog which makes it extra cool. The DX 979 CB SWR’s circuit is able to warn the driver. What’s more is that it is easy to read, and it has the S Units, Modulation, Power and SWR scales on it. This CB also has a Noise blanker and auto noise limiter circuits. This enables the DX 979 CB to control the noise which greatly improves sound and clarity.

Pros of The Galaxy DX 979 40

  • The StarLite faceplate dramatically improves night operation
  • Has impressive swing numbers
  • Great transmit and receive distance
  • Transmits a full 4 watts of power
  • Loud sound with great clarity

Cons of The Galaxy DX 979 40

  • Drift on the Galaxy SSB radios can be a little annoying
  • Noise filtering isn’t quite as good as the DX 959
  • Not recommended for industrial, high-impact use

Final Verdict

The Galaxy DX 979 is not only small, but also a stylistic long-range mobile CB radio, with the ability to put a smile on every driver’s face. Galaxy designed this for people who needed long-range SSB communications in a small package without sacrificing on features. It is also modifiable if you want more features and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

It is impressive and we would recommend it to semi and pick-up drivers. Thanks to its compactness, it can also be used in cars, SUVs and vans. Ideally, the DX 979 40 AM/SSB CB mobile radio is a great choice for both beginners and professional CB radio operators who love a blend of performance and convenience.

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