Galaxy DX 2547 Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

The Galaxy 2547 is currently one of the best CB base station radios on the market. You will be impressed with this unit whether it is for business or personal use. The Galaxy DX 2547 packs a full set of features, such as a six-digit frequency counter, roger beep, automatic SWR calibration, a large SWR/modulation/power meter, Talkback, PA and many more.

It is extremely easy to set up no matter the use case. In addition, it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet and has the ability to run on DC power for mobile applications such as in trucks. It also features an included 1/4″ headphone jack for discrete listening. This unit is a true powerhouse!

Quick Summary

Best Features

galaxy dx-2547

  • 40 Channel AM/SSB Base Station CB
  • Frequency Display
  • 120v AC with included wall plug adapter
  • Automatic SWR Meter, Mic and RF Gain
  • Variable RF Output Power
  • Talkback controls
  • Switchable Roger Beep
  • Modulation meter function

What’s in The Box

  • Galaxy 2547 Base CB Radio
  • 4-pin Dynamike microphone
  • Operating manual
  • A soft – cover service manual with schematic diagrams

Useful Specifications

  • Product Dimensions:11.5 x 11.2 x 4.2 inches
  • Weight:10.7 lbs.

Why We Liked It

Great Performance

The Galaxy DX 2547 is a performance beast. The radio has great signal strength and quality transmission, making it a favorite among truckers and even mine owners. It has no troubles at all picking up signals even from far away locations.

The DX-2547 will treat your ears to natural and clear sounds on the sideband, making it easy to operate the whole day. The frequency counter on DX-2547 is also very precise and accurate. This radio is great and has been welcomed to the market by both novice and professional users.

Easy to Use

Controlling this radio is a breeze. Galaxy assigned each control knob to one function. The driver can quickly rotate a knob to adjust the gain or talkback. In addition, the Galaxy DX 2547 is equipped with a stunning, large display allowing drivers to see things easily and clearly. On this screen, drivers have up to 4 scales, relieving them from having to dig into the menus scanning for signals. The variable RF power also allows the driver total control. He/she is thus able to set the radio from 1-watt dead key up to 4 watts for a full dead key.

Good Build Quality

Galaxy is a trusted and proven brand. There is a reason Galaxy radios are popular in heavy industrial sectors. These radios are built to be tough and rugged because they do a lot of “heavy work”. Truckers can rely on the Galaxy DX 2547 when it comes to quality and superior build.

Galaxy is also known for its exceptional customer service and support. This makes the entire experience of owning the DX 2547 enjoyable. Its customer support team has always been welcoming and understanding, and it will be able to help with any problem. The Galaxy DX 2547 also comes with a generous warranty. You can buy this product, with the peace of mind that in case of anything, it will be taken care of.

Key Features of The Galaxy DX 2547

Public Address

The Galaxy DX-2547 can be used as a public address system by connecting an external 8 ohms speaker to a jack located on the rear panel. This is important depending on the environments you intend to use the unit in. For example, mines are very loud, and it would be helpful to have a PA system to help relay crucial messages.

Dimmer Control

With a knob on the front panel, the operator will be able to control the meter lamp’s level of brightness in addition to the channel display lamp. This is for user comfort during the night or in other low-light conditions where the lighting may be too bright.

SWR Meter

The Galaxy DX-2547 features an inbuilt SWR meter which the operator can use to test and calibrate their antenna system for solid communication. This is important because people do not always carry a calibration meter on the road or a job site. This function allows you to quickly do the antenna calibration without the need for such external meters.

Roger Beep

This base station features an end of transmission beep. The DX-2547 radio will transmit an audio tone at the end of your transmission signaling it has ended so that listeners can know you are done talking. This allows for smooth communication between two parties with little to no interruptions between transmissions.

Large Meter Displays

The Galaxy DX-2547 has a large multifunctional meter for displaying Transmit, Receive Signals, SWR Measuring & Modulation making it easy for the operator to monitor his inputs and status.

Squelch Control

This feature allows the operator to eliminate background noise being heard through the receiver. Usually, this noise can be disturbing and can often be heard when there are no transmissions through the receiver. Galaxy has a dedicated control for this function for ease of operation.

Pros of The Galaxy DX 2547

  • Exceptional signal quality
  • Disturbance-free, long-range communication
  • User manual available for alignment and modes
  • Noise Blanker and Galaxy Noise Filter
  • Easily controllable knobs and controls

Cons of The Galaxy DX 2547

  • Annoying delay on the PTT after transmitting
  • Typical drift during warm-up on SSB
  • It is expensive
  • Flip-up feet may be prone to breakage

Final Verdict

Base station CB radios have vanished from the scene because many manufacturers now focus on mobile CB radios. However, we are glad that Galaxy still dedicates time to base station CBs. The Galaxy DX-2547 continues to be employed in various applications and it remains one of the most widely used base station CB radios to date.

Despite the power, this beast is not for everyone. Some may even find it over-priced, but for those who need it, it is worth the investment because it is extremely feature-rich. The Galaxy DX-2547 is fairly larger than most mobile CB radios but remains powerful enough to rival even the best CB base stations.

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