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best cb antenna for pickup truck

7 Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck: Reviews & Buying Guide

CB radios offer a remarkable way of communicating with other drivers while you’re on the road. They offer get tons of useful information such as weather updates from NOAA weather channels and even let you get traffic updates from your fellow drivers.Not all CB radios offer the same experience though. To many drivers, nothing is […]

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best compact cb radios

7 Best Compact CB Radios Reviews in 2021

Searching for a compact CB radio that will fit perfectly inside your vehicle without taking up too much space? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place since we’ll be reviewing seven of the best compact CB radios you should consider before making a purchase. In addition, we’ll also be guiding you on how to […]

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president cb radios reviews

President CB Radio Reviews: What to Consider Before Buying?

There are good reasons to consider President CB radios if you are new to the world of CB radios. They are powerful, feature-packed, and creatively designed in a way that makes them stand out from the rest. Part of the reason why everyone fancies President CB radios lies in their dual voltage and SSB capabilities. On […]

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best cb radios for truckers

Top 7 Best CB Radios for Truckers: Reviews & Buying Guide

They might not be as popular as they once were some years back, but they are still a trucker’s favorite tool. Getting information regarding traffic or weather conditions ahead of your journey because of CB radios is amazing.Choosing one today, however, is not a walk in the park since there are many options to choose […]

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best shortwave radios

Top 11 Best Shortwave Radios in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

We may be unable to read minds, but we do have an idea about how challenging it can be to select the best shortwave radio. While there’s no harm in going online and picking the first shortwave radio you come across, you are likely to end up with a radio that doesn’t really meet your […]

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Cobra 29 LX Review

This is perhaps one of Cobra’s most modern CB radio. Equipped with a multi-color digital display, it could easily pass off as a regular modern-day radio. However, it still offers classic CB operations and this makes it great for either novice or professional setups.Quick SummaryHere are some quick facts about the Cobra 29 LX to […]

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Top 7 Best Handheld CB Radio in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Searching for the best CB radio for that road trip you’ve been planning for weeks? Well, you can finally rest easy. We reviewed seven of the best handheld CB radios in 2021 that you should definitely consider before making a purchase. Of course, our list is not exhaustive, but we’re confident it’ll surely give you […]

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stryker sr-955hpc review

Stryker SR-955HPC Review: Must-Read for CB Radio Lover

The Stryker SR-955HPC is a robust CB radio with enough power and innovative features to rival some of the best amateur radios in the market. Stryker designed the SR-955HPC from the ground up with all-round performance and customization in mind. The radio’s stable SSB operation, outstanding AM audio, and PC programming capability make it a top-tier […]

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stryker sr 655hp review

Stryker SR 655HP Review

Stryker designed the new SR-655HP from the ground up with performance in mind. This 10m AM two-way radio’s powerful hardware may be the reason for its impressive transmission and signal reception capabilities. Since most of the radio’s features are geared towards enhancing a user’s overall experience, it goes down as one of our easiest to use […]

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stryker sr 497 hpc review

Stryker SR 497HPC Review: Why This CB Radio so Popular?

Stryker has done it again with the new Stryker SR 497 HPC. Delivering over 100W of PEP of power, the SR 497 HPC is the go-to CB radio for a wide variety of people. It has a striking multi-color faceplate and comes with convenient backlit buttons that are easy to use in the dark.The display […]

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