stryker sr-955hpc review

Stryker SR-955HPC Review: Must-Read for CB Radio Lover

The Stryker SR-955HPC is a robust CB radio with enough power and innovative features to rival some of the best amateur radios in the market. Stryker designed the SR-955HPC from the ground up with all-round performance and customization in mind. 

The radio’s stable SSB operation, outstanding AM audio, and PC programming capability make it a top-tier CB radio. 

Users also applaud its design and amazing controls for a reason. This is because Stryker has relentlessly refined the hardware and design for maximum performance and dependability. As such, the SR-955HPC is an amateur radio unlike many others in the market.

Quick Summary

Best Features

stryker sr-955hpc

  • 7 color display
  • 32-way dimmer Control
  • VariabAutomatic calibrating SWR meterle power control
  • Variable Power Control
  • Up-Armored Receiver

What’s in The Box

  • Stryker SR-955HPC Radio
  • Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Owner’s Manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.5 (L) x 3 (H) x 16.5 (W) inches
  • Weight: 6.75 lbs.

Why We Liked It

Stryker SR-955HPC’s controls and design are quite a marvel. It manages to amaze two crowds by employing both PC programmability and menu control functions which has enabled Stryker to remain true to its traditional CB users. The easy to use controls and the 32-dimmer control all seemed to complement what Stryker really had in mind when conceptualizing the SR-955HPC. True to its word, it overdelivered with the SR-955HPC as it retains the same classic CB radio look but with a touch of modernism.

Audio quality was amazing as well. This unit outtalks most other CB radios in the market. It produces sounds that are loud, clear, and natural. Part of the reason lies in the unit’s FQP13N10 transistors which are not all too powerful, but decent enough to give you quality.

The unit does not sacrifice performance for anything else. Before, most CBs would either perform well on SSB or AM but never on both at the same time. Stryker’s engineers, however, seem fixated on an all-rounded CB radio and the SR-955HPC 10-meter CB radio proved to be nothing less. With this unit, you get unparalleled performance in both spectrums.

Key Features of The Stryker SR-955HPC

7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate and Display

The Stryker SR-955PHC allows you to choose from 7 colors with an easy push of a button. However, the CPU controller can scan through all the colors on its own and choose a random color for you. The entire faceplate is also backlit, and this allows the operator to use the unit with ease during dark conditions.

Six Programmable Roger Beeps

This unit comes loaded with six different roger beeps that can be controlled using a backlit button located on the front panel. In addition, you can create and configure your own roger beeps using your PC. 

You can modify the beep’s length, pitch, and total number to your liking. Rarely can you find this level of configurability in other CB radios, and it is amazing that the SR-955HPC has it.

Dimmer Control

If you have eyes that are sensitive to bright light conditions, the SR-955HPC’s dimmer controls will come to the rescue. The Stryker SR-955HPC comes with a 32-position dimmer circuit that goes low to the point of turning the lights off. 

This means that you can drive comfortably and safely in the dark as the bright lights won’t distract you. Depending on your vehicle’s interior, the light from the radio can even complement its look.

Powerful Signal Transmission and Reception

Stryker equipped the SR-955HPC with FQP13N10 transistors that produce over 70 watts PEP. The radio also has high sensitivity, so you will have to set the gains at around ¾ all the time. You can expect power output of 75-85W on SSB and 65W on AM. This enables it to deliver good audio quality even during long conversations.

Variable Talk Back Control

The Stryker SR-955HPC lacks the troublesome talk back squeal. This is thanks to the independently controlled talk back circuitry. You can adjust the volume to the perfect level based on the environment. In addition, the user is no longer required to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal. This provides nothing but smooth communication for the operator.

Up-Armored Receiver

The Stryker SR-955PHC is still dependable even under harsh conditions. Truck stops can be difficult to navigate since they feature a number of operators. However, the unit also has one of the best filtering capabilities, and this allows for improved adjacent channel rejection. This makes the radio stand out from the other radios that would have otherwise suffered in such situations.


  • Powerful transmit and receive functionality with the equipped FQP13N10 transistors.
  • Great faceplate, display and 32-position dimmer control, makes for a great operator experience.
  • Excellent SSB facility with AM and FM giving the operator options.
  • Great software with customization options allowing for the user to customize the radio fully to their taste


  • The finish of the unit looks cheap
  • It has an oversensitive receive
  • This unit is expensive

Final Verdict

Stryker aimed for the sky with the SR-955PHC, and in many ways, it did manage to achieve several goals. It is a sleek unit that is sturdy and easy to use. While it could easily pass off as any other amateur radio, it comes with features such as the PC programmability that set it apart.

The SSB audio on this radio sounds better than some ham rigs, and it has the potential to be a serious SSB rig. It does have its own shortcomings as any other radio would. For one, it isn’t what most people would term as cheap, and sadly this may prevent some people from picking it.

All in all, if you are in the market for a radio that excels on AM, FM & SSB, and it is in your price range, then the SR-955HPC 10 Meter amateur radio would be a great choice. You will find it to be perfect for nearly all kinds of uses.

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