Stryker SR 655HP Review

Stryker designed the new SR-655HP from the ground up with performance in mind. This 10m AM two-way radio’s powerful hardware may be the reason for its impressive transmission and signal reception capabilities. 

Since most of the radio’s features are geared towards enhancing a user’s overall experience, it goes down as one of our easiest to use CB radios. 

If you thought that’s all there is to the SR-655HP, you might want to keep reading. There’s much more that this Stryker radio can offer.

stryker sr 655hp review

Quick Summary

Best Features

stryker sr 655hp

  • Brilliant 7-color LED backlit faceplate with dimmer control
  • PC programmable
  • Variable power control
  • Variable talkback control

What’s in The Box

  • Radio
  • Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Owner’s Manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11 1/8″ L x 8″ W x 2 3/8″ H

Why We Liked It

First off, this 10m radio is PC programmable, making it great for people who love to tinker with their electronics and configure them as they wish. 

The unit is also very modern and adaptive since it uses an internal CPU that allows for PC programming functionalities. It attributes part of its power from the four high-power FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors that can produce over 70 watts peak power. 

Its sound quality was clear enough and its microphone was surprisingly great as well. Rarely do CB radios come with stock microphones that are clear, but the one on the SR-655HP wasn’t all that bad. Regardless, you can always buy a better microphone.

The final icing on the cake was Stryker SR-655HP’s impressive interface. It has a backlit multi-color faceplate that gives it a sleek and modern appearance. Its 32-position dimmer also made it easy to adjust the radio’s brightness settings of the radio. The ability to choose the right amount of brightness is something we have always treasured in a CB radio.

Other than the backlit faceplate, there is also a small digital display which displays the current channel along with plenty other useful information.

Key Features of The Stryker SR-655HP

7-Color LED Backlit Faceplate

Don’t like the color of the Stryker SR-655HP’s faceplate? Since it has seven available colors, you’re always free to choose one that is of your liking. You can select the color individually or the unit can automatically cycle through all the colors for you. 

There are also backlit controls, allowing for easy adjustment by the driver in dark cabin conditions. This drastically enhances the user experience.

Dimmer Control

Stryker as a company has been known to listen to its customers and deliver products that its customers want. The 32-position dimmer circuit is one such feature which has made the SR-655HP far different than its competitors. 

You can turn down the dimmer to its lowest position to turn the radio’s lights off. Users who are sensitive to bright lights will find this useful as they can adjust the brightness of their radios to levels they are comfortable with.

PC Programmable

You can program the Stryker SR-655HP via PC. This allows you to configure the unit to your specific operational taste. This ability also makes it easy to add support features to the CB radio should you wish to do so in future. This may include adding CB channels or any other supported aspect of the unit’s operation you would like to change.

Six Roger Beeps

This CB radio has six roger beeps which are controllable using a backlit button on the faceplate. This is a great feature for the price, but there’s more. 

Remember the PC programmability? Yes, you can use your computer to load custom roger beeps on the SR-955PHC’s on board memory. The user can, therefore, pick their favorite roger sounds and use them as they please.

Variable Power Control

The Stryker SR-655HP allows users to adjust or vary their carrier from a two watt to a 15-watt carrier. This is thanks to the unit’s Top Gun Technology which keeps a 70+ watt peak regardless of carrier amount. This avails granular control to the user, allowing them to get pinpoint accuracy on gains and other affected functionality.

Variable Talk Back Control

Talk back squeal in the Stryker SR-655HP is virtually eliminated with the independently controlled talk back circuitry. Users can adjust the volume to the perfect level based on the demands of their operating conditions. In addition, the user no longer has to bother with turning down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal.


  • Strong and clean output with no distortion allowing for clear communication.
  • Outstanding signal reception capability facilitated by the clarifier
  • Simple and easy to use controls; very ergonomic user controls allowing for a great operation experience.
  • Highly customizable
  • PC programming allows for advanced configuration of the unit to suit user needs


  • Poor quality of the stock mic: an upgraded mic will be necessary to improve user experience.
  • Extra setup required for use in trucks: no features such as dual voltage for easy truck setup.
  • Not SSB capable: you will need to look for a higher model to have the feature.

Final Verdict

The Stryker SR-655HPC is without a doubt, a high quality 10-meter amateur radio. Stryker designed the SR-655HPC with power and reliability in mind. The powerful radio hardware coupled with its powerful CPU and PC programming capabilities makes this radio a powerhouse that anyone cannot simply disregard. 

It ticks all the right boxes for professionals and amateurs alike, without burning a huge hole in their pockets. While it does rank as one of the best CB radios in the market, you may want to still go ahead and upgrade its microphone. SR-655HPC’s microphone was decent, but you could always do more with a more powerful mic.

Is the Stryker SR-655HPC an instant buy? Yes, and for good reason too. This is a radio that tries to be all-inclusive while still delivering the power and performance it promised. It may not be the best out there, but it surely ranks high up there.

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