Cobra 29 LX Review

This is perhaps one of Cobra’s most modern CB radio. Equipped with a multi-color digital display, it could easily pass off as a regular modern-day radio. However, it still offers classic CB operations and this makes it great for either novice or professional setups.


Quick Summary

Here are some quick facts about the Cobra 29 LX to help you get a picture of what it’s all about:

Best Features

cobra 29 lx cb radio

  • 4-color LCD Display
  • Adjustable Dimmer
  • Advanced PA Capability

What’s in The Box

  • The radio unit
  • 4-pin microphone
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Fused power cord
  • Microphone hanger

Useful Info

  • Weighs 5.6lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.25″ W x 9.25″ D x 2.25″ H
  • 2-year warranty

Why Do We Like It?

The Cobra 29 LX is the crème de la crème of CB radios from Cobra. It succeeds the now legendary 29 LTD radio and comes with some new and useful features. The clear Multicolor LCD display, for example, makes operating this radio a breeze. 

It comes equipped with all the necessary advanced radio features for professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore and put to use.

This CB radio is regarded as the most innovative iteration of CBs from Cobra. At the top of its new features list is the full face 4-color digital display. 

You might be holding on to the nostalgia of the classic chrome face and strength meter, but don’t. From the digital display you can view information like reception strength, current channel, transmission strength and SWR levels. 

This bad boy is already kitted out and yet we haven’t even scratched the surface of its features set.

Key Features of The Cobra 29LX

10 NOAA Weather Channels

The Cobra 29 LX’s features 10 NOAA weather channels with latest Emergency Alerts. They are great to have more so when driving in areas with unpredictable weather conditions. They can alert you about a severe storm ahead on your route or other areas of interest even before they brew up. This is a must-have feature, and we are happy the 29 LX comes equipped with it.

Automatic Channel Scan

This is an equally awesome feature that lets press a button once to auto scan different channels. Unlike the cumbersome manual “click then scan” procedure, the automatic scan lets you concentrate more on the road. This CB radio also lets you scan channels that are stored in memory. You can thus pre-select your favorite channels so that you won’t have to perform the automatic channel scan on all 40 channels.

Radio Check Function

With the three diagnostic functions that the Cobra 29 LX has, you will never be left guessing why your CB is not working. The radio is able to check the battery/power supply (10.8V and 15.8V), the RF Power Output (3.3W to 4W) and antenna tuning (high SWR). 

Nothing is more frustrating than an electronic device that is malfunctioning. For a CB radio, it is even worse. A faulty CB radio can lead to huge inconveniences which can further be magnified in moments of desperation. Being able to diagnose and potentially repair your CB is important.


The 29 LX features an in-built alarm functionality. For truckers who work from their rigs, this is an amazing feature. It is easy to think that your cellphone can replace this feature, but how many times has it let you down once it runs out of battery? Sure, you could always buy accessories such as power banks. However, you cannot argue with the convenience that a CB radio like the Cobra 29 LX offers.

Quick Tip: Some people have complained that the clock resets every time they ignition is switched off. The trick is to connect the 29 LX to constant 12V source.

Adjustable Dimmer

If the lights become too bright for you, the adjustable dimmer on the 29 LX always comes to the rescue. Why? Because you can always tune it to your comfort and preference. It might seem insignificant at first, but such small features make the Cobra 29 LX far superior than its competitors. The wrong light intensity can be very uncomfortable to the eyes and this can lead to some serious safety concerns. As such, being able to adjust the display of the Cobra 29 LX is definitely neat.

Advanced PA System

The Cobra 29 LX features a modern and dynamic sound and feedback system. Since they are also adjustable, you can tune the system to sound just like you want it to. Imagine talking to people outside your truck who are helping you maneuver into a tight work site. The PA system makes it easy for them to hear you.


  • Multi-Color Digital Display
  • The multiple color digital display is the highlight feature of this product. Honestly, being able to change between the four colors (amber, red, green and blue) can be a big deal to most people. The ability to choose which of the four colors you are comfortable with is something that is not too common with many other CB radios.
  • Reliable Transmission
  • We were also very impressed by the transmit and receive functionality of this unit. This is the primary function of a CB radio and excelling at it is more important than the multi-color digital display. Known weak channels were very clear on this unit. Having the peace of mind that the Cobra 29 LX will function even in semi-remote locations with tricky terrain is definitely good news.
  • Impressive Dimming Features
  • The dimming features of the display are also worth mentioning. You can set two profiles and switch between a day or night profile easily. Sensitivity to certain cabin lighting conditions can lead to huge driving discomfort. This is one less thing to worry about in your vehicle if you have the Cobra 29 LX.
  • Simple Installation
  • Installing the 29 LX is a breeze because of its simple installation and setup. We all know CB radios can be a pain to install sometimes. Usually, it is because some of the manufacturers provide poor installation instructions. This unit, however, comes with a detailed manual that will see any competent individual install it in under half an hour. The size of the unit also allows it to be fitted in most preferred install locations.
  • Nine-Foot Microphone
  • The nine-foot microphone cable addition is a blessing. This allows you to mount the CB radio wherever you desire in your car. We have all had that installation where you wish the most important cable was a little bit longer. Fear not though, as the Cobra 29 LX has you covered. The microphone also comes with its separate mount, allowing you to mount it where it is most convenient for you.


  • Battery Drains
  • There have been reports of a battery drain issue when the unit is connected to constant power. This is done in an effort to maintain the clock and alarm functions working right. This is important to take note of because such battery drains may leave one stranded with a dead battery.
  • Basic Microphone
  • The quality of the included microphone is not that great. Some users have reported less than acceptable communication quality while using this CB radio. However, we advise with any CB radio that you buy your own quality microphone as hardly any manufacturer includes a decent one. Also, the dynamic mic tuning function and the talkback tuning help makes the included microphone tolerable.
  • Non-Backlit Buttons
  • The Cobra 29 LX CB radio buttons are not backlit. This makes them very hard to reach in poor lighting conditions. This is often quickly solved with you memorizing the button and dial positions. However, when new, operating the radio in poor lighting can be confusing and can lead to a bad user experience. Backlit buttons would have made the unit almost perfect.

Final Verdict

The Cobra 29 LX CB radio exceeds expectations. We are still amazed at how a large and multi-color digital display can totally overhaul a user’s experience. Information is displayed better, meaning it is easier for you to see and operate the Cobra 29 LX. We say this because some CB radios out there are far more difficult to use.

The dimmer option is also a godsend. Having the ability to adjust the brightness of that display day and night is super. A car interior can become very distracting at night with bright lights or displays beaming into your eyes. Also, some displays may not appear bright enough during the day if left to adjust automatically. Car accessories like CB radios should have dimming features, and we are happy the 29 LX does not fail us. 

All this makes the Cobra 29 LX great for radio junkies, casual users and professionals alike. The radio might be pricey for some users especially when they can get cheaper options from competitors, but the Cobra 29 LX offers value that we couldn’t simply ignore. The easy to read multicolor display, maximum power output, extremely clear reception and the overall user-friendly operations coupled with NOAA channels and clock functions is a package to be admired.

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