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Walkie Talkie Morse Codes You Should Know

Disasters can strike at any time and without warning. In 2019, for instance, Hurricane Dorian caused damages exceeding $3 billion and left over 70 people dead and over 200 people missing. As you may have guessed, it affected most regular communication channels.

While some communication channels were still functional, it was a harsh reminder that we all need to learn as many survival skills as we should. Learning Morse code is a good way to start because it is an international language that is based on Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals.

Today, we will thus be learning a few things about walkie talkie Morse codes such as who should be learning Morse code and the best and fastest ways to master Morse codes. We will also share a few tips to help you become comfortable with using Morse code.

What are Morse Codes?

Morse code is simply a representation of Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals in the form of dots and dashes. Each number or letter corresponds to a set of dots and dashes.

To represent a letter like “D”, for example, you would need a dash and two dots. To make up a word, you would have to space individual letters apart so that they may not overlap with dots and dashes of the letters that appear next.

Morse codes are not as popular as they were a few decades back because there are newer and more efficient forms of communication like texting. However, the fact that you can transmit Morse code in multiple ways (as either light, signals, or tones) makes them important to learn.

Why Should You Learn Morse Codes?

Rather than asking why you should learn Morse code, you should challenge yourself by asking yourself by actually learning it because there’s nothing to lose.

For one, Morse code is not too complicated. If you know your way around the alphabet, then all you really need to do to learn Morse code is dedicate time to know how you can represent each letter in the alphabet in Morse code.

In addition, there are a few benefits of learning Morse code such as:

  • It requires little power to send signals
  • Morse code uses less signal bandwidth when compared to voice communication
  • Filtering background noise is easier when using Morse codes
  • It makes your life easier as a ham radio operator since repeaters and navigation beacons still use Morse code to identify themselves

Facts About Walkie Talkie Morse Codes

Most people today know about Morse code, but since fewer people are using it, you might not know a few details about Morse code that made them really stand out in the past. As such, here are some interesting facts about Morse codes:

  1. Morse code is no longer a requirement for getting an amateur radio license after the FCC considered it unnecessary.

  2. Some people refer to Morse code as the “Victorian Internet” since it has allowed worldwide communication in a unique way.

  3. Though less popular nowadays, Morse code is still common among preppers. It provides them with the ability to send messages that the public cannot easily understand.

How to Learn Morse Coden

Learning walkie talkie Morse code will probably take you some time. You thus need to dedicate time to learn Morse code regardless of the method you’ll be using.

There are three main resources that you can use to learn Morse code. They include:

  • Books
  • Apps
  • Online resources


You might call it old-fashioned since there are newer and better ways of learning walkie talkie Morse code. However, books offer a great way to learn walkie talkie Morse code because you do not need any sort of power to access their content.

This is what makes books superior to other methods of learning Morse code. Keeping books is also easier and more convenient than relying on apps or online resources.

Smartphone Apps

Whereas books are somewhat future proof, smartphone apps offer a level of interactivity that books cannot offer. You will thus be able to learn walkie talkie Morse code in a fun and exciting way if you decide to use smartphone apps over books.

In addition, apps provide an excellent way of improving your knowledge of Morse code. Some apps even let you track your progress and give you tests that can help you gauge how good you are.

Online Resource

These refer to websites which you can access using any device that can access the internet. Online resources may not be as interactive as using apps, but the fact that you can access them from any device makes them useful.

The only downside is that they require an active internet connection and may be cumbersome for some people to use constantly.

Tips for Using Walkie Talkie Morse Codes

Learning walkie talkie Morse code is usually the first part of the journey for most people. Nevertheless, it is equally important to know a few etiquette rules that will help you communicate with other people efficiently.

  • Try to be concise as much as possible by avoiding repetition. You will come across as unprofessional if you constantly repeat yourself.
  • Always remember to use a positive tone if the issue is not about survival.
  • Pronounce every word clearly when transmitting using Morse code. It may be slightly difficult to get your message if some of your words contain typos.
  • Remember to end your conversations so that you can allow other parties to respond to your message. 
  • Profanity is highly discouraged since it is unprofessional. At all times, try to be respectful and pass your message across without taking up too much time.


It might take days or weeks to learn walkie talkie Morse code, but all you really require is a positive attitude. As we’ve seen, there are plenty of benefits of learning walkie talkie Morse code. You can learn Morse code using either books, smartphone apps, or online resources. However, you will probably learn walkie talkie Morse code faster if you were to use a smartphone app.

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