What is the Best Galaxy CB Radio?

When it comes to purchasing communications devices, you will be pleased to know that there are several useful options available to consider. The best advice for someone looking for a good product would be to start by making an informed decision. Thus, this is why we have developed this Galaxy CB radio review to help you choose a proper radio for your needs. The features on these types of communications devices are often technical, and you have to learn about them as well. Based on our extensive research, the Galaxy DX 959 40 Channel Radio takes this award for the best CB Galaxy Radio.

Why is that? Well, read the guide below to learn more about this high performance and reliable radio for your needs.

Why We Liked It

The ideal Galaxy CB radio comes with features that a serious CB operator will appreciate, and is also easy for a novice CB radio user. Thus, the DX 959 radio has functions which are outlined in a user-friendly format, to make it convenient and easy to use. The user interface of the radio features unique knobs and controls, which make it suitable for communications purposes. Each knob is responsible for a specific task, thus reducing the need to have to look at a display or cycle through several menus. This radio has been an exceptional performer for well over 15 years. With such a long time spent benefiting consumers all around the world, it’s easy to see why this radio ranks among some of the best in its category. Plus. It ranks at the top of many CBers list, and it’s easy to see why.

galaxy-dx-959 40 channel

Key Features

AM/SSB Modes with Frequency Counter

Being able to handle these two frequency modes is a crucial aspect of any good CB radio today. You need a good radio, which will help you get to these frequencies conveniently, especially during emergency assistance situations. Thus, this is why the DX 959 radio can accommodate both the AM/SSB modes, to make it highly convenient for your needs. Furthermore, the frequency counter on this unit ensures that you keep track of your chosen frequency level. Moreover, the counter features a five-digit design, with yellow digits which is suitable for most indoor radio uses.

Large and Easy to Read LCD

The Galaxy brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with large and easy to read meter. The large to read meter has clear metrics, and its also well positioned to make things convenient. The meter has several unique scales including one for power output, incoming signals, SWR and more.

Weighing in at a meagre 4.4 pounds, this radio is simple to carry and install on your chosen surface. It even has a magnetic mount, which ensures you it sits stable, perfect for moving vehicles. Plus, there is nothing better than when you have a device which is durable and can withstand exposure to dust or water. Therefore, this is why the DX 959 radio has a heavy-duty design, which ensures years of reliable communications.

Variable Talkback and Power Output

To make things better, this radio even comes with various features, which allows users to customize the sound quality. The variable talkback function lets the user adjust the quality of signals send through the microphone and messages received from the recipient. Even more, the variable power output makes it easy to customize the radio to suit a specific frequency level or rate.

As far as noise control goes, this radio comes with excellent to make things easy. For instance, the DX 959 radio has a Proprietary Galaxy Noise Filter Circuit, which reduces noise, to help in recovering weak SSB signals. The noise control functions do not stop there! The radio also comes with a noise blanker and automatic noise limiter circuits, which are ideal for weak signals. Therefore, you are always sure of reliable and high-performance communication results each time.

Variable Dimmer Control and Push Switch

The radio also lets users customize the functionality of the screen on the radio for convenience. The display comes with variable dimmer control, which allows you to adjust the screen brightness to suit a specific purpose. It even comes with a single push switch, which you can use to turn off the meter lamp and display lights. These are all convenient features, which you can use to improve the performance of your galaxy CB radio. The best part about all these is that the radio comes with ergonomic controls, which make it easy to adjust the functionality of the radio. You can even view the results of changes on the conveniently placed LCD screen.


  • High quality switches and controls for ease of customization
  • Variable power output control and variable dimmer control
  • Five-digit frequency counter with SWR circuit
  • Easy to read meter with large symbols and text
  • Compact size and weighs only 4.4 pounds
  • Easy to mount CB radio design


  • Could be available in more than one finish
  • It takes a few seconds to boot up


You have to go products from reliable brands when you want to buy communications devices. In this guide, we have identified the proper question, for what is the best galaxy CB radio. The answer to this question would be the Galaxy DX 959 radio, which offers reliable performance and impressive affordability. The distinct features on this radio mean that you are sure of receiving a quality signal with each session. Moreover, the DX 959 radio has been a common communications device for well over one decade.

The CB radio has a heavy-duty design and is durable against issues such as moisture and dust. Best of all, the radio is simple to set up on most surfaces and can offer years of reliable performance.

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