Stryker SR 497HPC Review: Why This CB Radio so Popular?

Stryker has done it again with the new Stryker SR 497 HPC. Delivering over 100W of PEP of power, the SR 497 HPC is the go-to CB radio for a wide variety of people. It has a striking multi-color faceplate and comes with convenient backlit buttons that are easy to use in the dark.

The display on this model is also clear without being blinding in either dark or light conditions. Engineers used LED technology for the SR 497 HPC, which allow for a more granular control of its brightness.

Feature-wise, the SR 497 HPC is slightly superior to its predecessor – the Stryker SR 447 HPC. The ability to dim lights, for instance was a highly requested feature during the era of the SR 447 HPC. Its inclusion on the SR 497 HPC goes to show that Stryker does listen to its users.

Quick Summary

Here are some quick facts about the Cobra 29 LX to help you get a picture of what it’s all about:

Best Features

stryker radios sr-497

  • LED channel display with adjustable colors.
  • Heavy Duty AM Regulator.
  • Adjustable power control.
  • Digital Echo with Dual Front Mounted Controllers.
  • Front microphone connector for easy installation in tight locations.

What’s in The Box

  • Radio
  • Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Owner’s Manual

Useful Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11 5/8″ (L) x 7 7/8″ (W) x 2 3/8″ (H)
  • Current draw and fusing: 15A/20A

Why Do We Like It?

This unit is fairly easy to use because it is extremely configurable. For example, the SRF/Power meter on the Stryker SR 497 HPC radio is large and easy to read. The SRF/Power meter will flash on and off when the radio detects high SWR readings.

In addition, the radio also comes with well thought out companion controls and double pot switches. They allow for immense functionality with few controls. In line with the configurability theme of this unit, Stryker also allows you to adjust the functionality of the flash light to one that suits you best. This meant a great deal to us since anything that improves the user experience of a CB is worth a thumbs up.

Other than that, we also liked Stryker SR 497’s front panel and color display. The interface is a 7-color system. It includes a button on the faceplate that lets you choose from the different colors (red, green, blue, purple, cyan and some of their shades). You can also use the button for dimming and changing TX meter colors.

Price-wise, we were still amazed with just how much value for money the SR 497 HPC offers. Stryker does have plenty of expensive CB radios, but we were delighted that the Stryker SR 497 HPC is among the affordable ones. This is unit is feature-packed and would offer any aspiring CB user a great deal of service.

Key Features of The Stryker SR 497HPC

Variable Talkback Control

The Stryker SR 497 HPC allows the operator to adjust the volume to his/her levels. This virtually eliminates the infamous talkback squeal. This is all thanks to the on board and independently controlled talkback circuitry. It comes with an added benefit of eliminating the need to adjust the gain on the mic.

High Power Transistors

The Stryker SR 497 HPC radio uses four IRF-520 MOSFETs. These provide the user with more than 100 watts of PEP. This makes the 10m radio one of the most powerful CB you can buy. We all know that with great hardware comes impressive transmission and reception capabilities.

7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate

The Stryker SR 497 HPC has selectable colors for its backlit faceplate. You can change them using a dedicated switch on the front panel, or the internal CPU can cycle through them. Changing the colors of the backlit faceplate may seem insignificant to some people.

However, the choice of seven colors allows you to pick colors that you are comfortable with. What’s more is that you can change the color of the faceplate to one which you find easy on your eyes at night.

Multi-Step Dimmer

Stryker also included a dimmer function on the SR 497 HPC to allow the operator to adjust the brightness depending on lighting condition. You can find the dimmer button on the front panel of the radio.

Long pressing the button dims the display to the lowest brightness. You can also release the button once you arrive at your desired level of brightness. This is cooler than having a fixed number of dimming stages.

Two Selectable Roger Beeps

The Stryker SR 497 HPC lets you choose between two selectable roger beeps. There is a switch on the front panel to control this function. It may not be much, but we could not complain much since the unit also lets you silence the beeps if they are a bother.

Up-Armored™ Receiver Protection

The Stryker SR 497 HPC also comes equipped with Stryker’s exclusive receiver protection Up-Armored™ technology. It has been known to excel under harsh conditions. Some of these conditions are comparable to the ones most truck drivers experience at busy truck stops with many operators running high power radios. This feature also comes with the advantage of improved adjacent channel rejection.


  • Reliable CB radio
  • Powerful (over 100 watts PEP)
  • Easy to use and mount
  • It has impressive features like multiple step dimmer and variable power control
  • It has Automatic AWI


  • The included microphone is not good.
  • Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Final Verdict

The Stryker brand has always been known for its undying commitment to excellence. This was evident in the Stryker SR 497 HPC. This CB radio has a striking multi-colored faceplate, and a myriad of other features that make it stand out from many other CB radios in the market. Above all, we loved the fact that the radio offers great value for money.

If you had your eyes locked on the Stryker SR 497 HPC, then you shouldn’t hesitate to make the purchase. Stryker hardly ever disappoints with their CB radios and we are confident that this unit will make your entry into the “two-way world” easy and pleasant.

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