do people still use cb radios

Do People Still Use CB Radios?

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, what worked yesterday is obsolete today, so why hasn’t this been the case with two-way radios and why do people still use CB Radios?

Despite the discovery of many alternative options such as smartphones, CB Radios remain just as relevant today as they were back in the ‘40s.

This may come as a surprise to most people, but they come in handy on multiple occasions, especially in remote areas where it is difficult to receive phone transmissions. 

Police officers and first responders also use CB radios, especially during emergency situations.

What is a CB Radio?

Citizen Band Radio (CB Radio) is a type of radio communication that is often categorized under ‘Personal Radio Service’. Why? Because similar to other types of Personal Radio Services, such as Multi-Use Radio Service(MURS), Family Radio Service (FRS), and Low Power Radio Service (LPRS), a CB Radio does not require a special license for operation. 

This makes it very flexible as it can be used by anyone whether for personal or business reasons. This land mobile system allows short-distance bidirectional communication. It uses two way radios operating on a total of 30 channels near 27 MHz.

The frequencies are open for all; however, some are for specific purposes:

  • Channel 9 – emergency
  • Channel 19 – traffic conditions

Who Uses CB Radios?

Now that we know CB Radios are still used in today’s day and age, let’s discuss who uses them and for what reasons.

1. Truck Drivers

Out of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, almost 90% of them believe that CB Radios are an essential tool and about 75% of them use CB radios almost every single day.

Truck drivers mostly use CB Radios because not only do they have an incredibly long range but because they also work on remote highways. This allows truck drivers to use CB Radios for the purpose of both communication and safety while driving. 

Drivers can communicate with other drivers without the need to exchange contact numbers. As mentioned earlier, there is a special channel for drivers, which is in the middle of the band and almost always has good signals.Checkout Best CB Radios for Truckers

2. Camping or Hiking in Remote Areas

As mentioned before, CB Radios are extremely beneficial when it comes to ease of communication in remote areas. 

People who prefer camping or hiking in remote areas can use a handheld CB Radio to communicate with others in case of an emergency. 

This is extremely beneficial for those who go on long or unfamiliar hikes.

3. Men and Women in Uniform

Police officers, hospital staff, and emergency responders use CB radios to stay in touch with each other. They can be very useful in case of a natural disaster as well. The radio can be used to keep volunteers updated about the latest happenings.

Police also use CB radios to stay connected with each other as they may have to go in remote regions behind criminals where phone signals might not be available.

4. Survivalists

Survivalists are people who prepare and plan for events that could disrupt the world. These events include political tension, apocalypse, and natural disasters.

For such people, CB Radios can prove to be extremely beneficial as they are preparing for instances where innovative communication technologies cease to exist.

Even when phones fail, CB radios will still work.

Benefits of Using a CB Radio

Despite the introduction of communication devices such as mobile phones, CB Radios are still bought by people even today. 

Introduced in the ‘70s, CB Radios have gone from being bulky and heavy to being light-weight and slightly sleeker. However, the design isn’t their main pro, here’s why they’re still being used:

1. No License Required

As opposed to other channels, using a CB Radio does not require any special license and is still legal to use in most parts of the world. 

This is the main reason why CB Radios have been widely accepted by people. You don’t have to worry about licenses or red tape. Buy one and get started.

2. Efficient Communication Device

CB Radio is an extremely efficient communication device that works in all regions including areas with no phone signals.

You can use it to stay updated while you are on the go. The radio can make your journeys safer and allow you to stay in touch with others on the road.

3. Pocket-Friendly

CB Radios are incredibly cheap. Buying them is no hassle and even better, they are readily available. You can buy one online or offline. We’ll cover some of the best CB radios later in this article.

Additionally, setting up one for your own personal use is a simple task. You will not have to make any additional purchases.

Thanks to their affordable price, CB Radios are a great alternative for people who are low on budget.

4. Advancements in Shape and Size

CB Radios have gone through their fair share of advancements. Over the years, they have lost their bulky shape and have become slimmer and easy to carry.

This compact size allows CB Radios to be fitted inside any vehicle whether it is a large truck or a small car. Some CB Radios are even the size of an ordinary mobile phone.

Additionally, CB Radios are now available in a lot of variants. Despite their traditional look, they are user-friendly. You can even find some waterproof options. Those who travel in the dark can even find an option that glows in the dark.

5. Innovative Features

Besides the noticeable change in size, CB Radios have now been equipped with the latest features as well. 

You can take advantage of these innovative features at less than half the price of what people in the 70’s would have to.

Here are a few features that have really placed CB Radios ahead of other communicating devices:

  • Noise Blanker (NB) for noise reduction and reduced static.
  • Fine-tune option for tuning away from channels that may interfere.
  • Voice output booster for clear communication.
  • PA Switch to allow external speakers to be connected to the radio.
  • SWR Warning Indicator works on giving a warning in case of a tuning problem in the antenna.

Have the benefits above convinced you to take a trip back to the ‘70s and invest in a CB Radio? Let’s take a look at some of the best CB Radios that are available on the market.


To answer your question, yes people still use CB Radios. If you visit remote areas for any purpose, you should also consider having one. 

They may look antique and out-dated, but with recent advancements, they have become relevant and handy even in today’s day and age. Don’t expect to have any trouble setting these up as they’re easy to use and as reliable as the sun rising in the morning.

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