Best Police Scanner Reviews

Scanners are important for safety for many reasons. For instance, they provide you with a live feed of public safety in your proximity. Thus, you can access EMS calls, firefighter news, weather information and more.

If you are not aware, they are perhaps one of the best worst-kept secrets when it comes to safety resources. These tools are simple to use, readily available and can be an excellent way to stay informed on any dangers in your proximity.

The scanners have been common for different communication applications over the years. Plus, advancements in technology also means that these tools are easy to use and highly convenient. Use the information below to help you choose the right police scanner:

best police scanner

Note: Before We go further, let me show you some of the best antenna for your Police scanner

Best Police Scanner Reviews from A Glance

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Top Pick Uniden SR30C BearCat, 500-Channel Compact Handheld Scanner

helps prevent missed replies during two-way conversations. Other features include keypad entry, Earphone Jack, key lock, battery low alert,

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Also A Top Pick -Motorola RMV2080 On-Site 8 Channel Radio

Operates on 27 VHF business exclusive frequencies and features 219 PL/DPL codes, including 6 customizable codes to help ensure a clear signal.

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Best Heavy Duty – Mirkit x Baofeng Radio Power 2020 2100 mAh

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may

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Best for Ease of use-Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-82 MK5 MP Max Scanner

Sold by authorized Baofeng Distributor MIRKIT radio. We provide the USA and you no need to send Boefang radio Max Power ham radio to China

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How to Buy the Best Police Scanner

Key Features to Consider

  • Analogue/ digital/ dual-band – you have to keep track of the systems in use, and in relation to the specific way you want to use the radio. If local services such as weather alerts, firefighters or the police use digital, then you have to get the right one for the purpose. The analogue types are somewhat outdated, while the dual-band radios can support both modes.
  • Handheld/desktop/mobile – the handheld and mobile types are portable, and you can move around with them thanks to their robust batteries. The desktop types tend to be slightly heavy but may provide better functionalities for tracking alerts.
  • Emergency applications – some scanners are only suited for emergency applications. Thus, if you want one that is suitable for responding to disasters, go for one that can support automatic connections to local weather systems. These include alerting systems such as the S.A.M.E which are industry standards for radio communications.
  • Local priority – the range and types of frequencies out there is immense. A scanner that provides emphasis to the radio signals within your range will make things convenient. Yes, that’s right! That is the type of information expected, not reports from two or three towns away. Plus, a scanner that supports GPS compatibility will also make things highly convenient.

Why Should I Get A Police Scanner?

Answering this simple question is simple. If you want a police scanner, you can get one as part of your safety regimen. As we explain further below, using a scanner for the right reasons is often legal, and can keep you safe. 

Plus, the needs and specifications of users vary when investing in such communication tools. Some want it for professional purposes, while some like it for DIY safety practices. It’s also incredibly useful for areas that are prone to security attacks and bad weather.

Who Would Need A Radio Scanner?

This relates directly to the question mentioned above? Why should use own a radio scanner? Well, if you reside in places that experience extreme weather, or is prone to security issues, then it’s crucial. The good this is that scanners have advanced in line with technological improvements over the years. Thus, you are sure of getting the types that are easy to use and suitable for many different applications.

The range of users in this category is diverse and unique. For instance, journalists and private investigators will find such a resource useful for communication purposes. Plus, truck drivers, cab drives and more can use them to receive information about the weather, or any security issues. 

Other parties include EMTs, volunteer firefighters and the police who use it to gain information about the region.

Best Police Scanners FAQ

Below are some of the critical questions asked before using a radio scanner:

Q. What is A Police Scanner?

A police scanner is a tool used to track radio signals and frequencies that are mostly used for public services. These include services such as emergency and law enforcement services. They classify as communication resources, and their technological functions have evolved significantly over the past few years. Nowadays, most brands can support different frequencies and bands for convenience. 

Q. How do I Make it Function?

A. You have to note that scanners are available with different functions. Some come with a direct input interface, which you have to program using push pads and buttons that you will find on the device. 

The advanced types require you to use special software, which you have to install on your computer. You then have to connect the radio with a cable and customize its functions through the computer. The good thing is that scanners are available with documentation that explains their fundamental functions.

Q. Are There Any Legal Complications in Using These Scanners?

A. Based on the Communications Act of 1934, it is legal to use police scanners. It states that radio frequencies are public resources, which you can access and use for safety purposes. 

If you want to keep track of these channels due to curiosity, they should be free from any issues. However, a good lawyer will inform you to practice caution, as some legal loopholes can easily get you in trouble.

Top 9 Best Police Scanner Reviews – Best Picks

Uniden SR30C BearCat, 500-Channel Compact Handheld Scanner

Uniden is among some of the leading brands when it comes to making electrical products. The Uniden SR30C Bearcat scanner lets you listen in and stay informed – regardless of the weather patterns. You can use it to listen to over 32,000 frequencies, and it’s also exceptionally easy to use. The radio also lets you get started with listening right away, and it has several presets for the most popular searches.

The radio has as many as ten present frequencies. These include frequencies for the weather, marine, racing search bands, CB radios and more. Choosing the right communications channel is also a breeze when you have one of these units.

Thanks to the high-quality delay function, you can easily prevent missed replies that may occur during two conversations. With its dimmable and backlit LCD, you can easily use this scanner for nighttime functions. The operation of the radio is based on two AA cells, that provide the flexibility you need in choosing batteries. The Niamh batteries can also charge conveniently when sitting in the scanner. 

You can program as many as 500 frequencies in the memory of the scanner. It lets you gain access to transmissions, and the preprogrammed service bands are highly convenient. The scanner also provides access to as many as 32,000 exciting radio frequencies.


  • Lets you listen to over 32,000 frequencies
  • Comes with a delay function for preventing missed replies
  • The dimmable backlit LCD makes nighttime operation easy


  • The user system is not easy to use 

Another Top Pick

Motorola RMV2080 On-Site Two-Way Business Radio

digital police scanner

The Motorola RMV2080 On-Site 8 Channel Radio offers access to exclusive frequencies and features. Plus, it’s also available with as many as eight customizable codes, which you can use to get a clear signal. With the powerful 1500mW speaker, you are sure of clear communication and without any issues that may compromise the quality of the feedback.

The advanced features such as customized channel announcement help to ensure your hands are free so that you can focus on the right things. Plus, the NOAA weather alerts will provide automatic notifications of weather warnings, forecasts and more.

Whether you are using resources at a construction site or a manufacturing zone, the radio has the functions to last. Furthermore, you can also unleash the power of the radio thanks to accessories that are durable and fit to your work setting.

It’s the perfect way to empower your team, with a fast and highly efficient method for communication. The radio will ensure clear and crisp audio regardless of the conditions. 


  • Operates with as many as 27 VHF exclusive frequencies
  • Powerful 1500mW speaker delivers clear communication
  • Channel 8 is preassigned to provide National Weather Service warnings


  • Slightly heavy than most brands

Also Remember

Mirkit x Baofeng Radio 5W Power 2020 2100 mAh

best police scanner

Designed to be convenient and straightforward to use, the Mirkit x Baofeng Radio UV-5R radio offers the ultimate communication features. It’s a radio that has internal filtering, to make it suitable for VHF and UHF frequencies. More so, the exceptional radio includes frequencies between 22-225mhz bands, for ease of use.

With its heavy duty design, you are sure of a radio that is suitable for use even in the rain. The user interface and settings in this unit are easy to customize for your convenience. The radio is ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hands.

When investing in a police scanner, ensure you go for one that can provide sufficient battery power. With an exceptional battery of over 2100mah, you have a battery that ensures long life. Whether you are offering private security, public services, restaurants or military services, this radio is perfect.


  • Comes with an exceptional 2100mAh battery
  • The VHF and UGH frequencies are commonly used
  • Soft-touch and ergonomic radio for convenient use


  • Could use a louder speaker for busy locations

Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-82 MK5 MP Max Scanner

police radio scanner

Make your communications easier when you have the Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-83 MK5 Max Scanner.It’s a powerful radio, which features high, medium and low settings. Even more, the radio can leverage various unique functions for the ultimate convenience when in use. These include functions such as the auto keypad lock, the dual-band frequency display and the dual standby. 

The dual band frequency means that you have a scanner that can support both analog and digital frequencies. The good thing is that it’s easy to customize, and use for varying communication applications. 

The unique power settings on this unit also make it simple to customize its performance. Also, the dual PTT button and auto keypad lock are features that make things convenient. They are each conveniently positioned to the side of the scanner.


  • Comes with a dual PTT button and auto keypad lock
  • Has high/medium and low settings
  • The frequency range is diverse and ranges between 65-108Mhz


  • N/A 

Uniden BC365CRS Scanner and Alarm Clock

digital police scanners

The Uniden BC365CRS is also another excellent addition to this list of products. The radio provides access to over 500 channels in 10 banks. Thus, it’s ideal for applications such as amateur radio, marine transmissions, fire/ems and more.

With the in-built FM radio and as many as 30 FM presets, you will find this unit convenient for playing your radio stations. The radio is an all one scanner with a fresh design, to make it an appealing addition to your modern desktop.

Plus, you will be pleased with the well-laid buttons that make the radio easy to use. This way, you never have to fumble in the dark, and this makes the radio highly convenient to use. 


  • Comes with 500 channels in 10 backs for convenient scanning
  • The in-built FM radio and 30 FM presets make it easy to access radio stations
  • Has a weather scan alert and a large clear LCD that is easy to read


  • It takes a few seconds to boot up

Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner

uniden police scanner

Whether it’s across town or the street, the BCD436HP Digital Handheld scanner provides the best of communication features. It’s easy to use, and the GPS connectivity function makes it highly convenient to use. The BCD436HP scanner is simple to operate and might require a few simple programming steps. You have to turn it on, and the radio will do the rest.

The user-friendly scanner is perfect for receiving communications. Whether you are in the ambulance, aircraft, weather, fire, EMS and more, this radio will deliver where it counts. You can receive instant playbacks or up to 240 seconds, with the most recent transmissions. You will find it easy to program this unit to alert you when you receive a hit or more. Every alert in the scanner is available with close to 15 volume settings for convenience. It’s a feature which is available thanks to the diverse radio system database.

Plus, the selection methods make it easy to identify and monitor any calls nearby.


  • Comes with a GPS connectivity mechanism
  • Simple to program without programming required
  • Instant replay and custom alerts 


  • N/A

Uniden BCD325P2 Handheld TrunkTracker V Scanner 

handheld police scanner

Make things at home convenient and safe when you have the Uniden BCD325P2 V scanner. The radio comes with various unique features such as an Advanced Dynamic Memory System, GPS functions and more. Plus, it also provides support for the modern APCO Project 25 Phase II systems for the ultimate convenience.

The radio can also scan and search over 25,000 channels. Thanks to the close call RF capture technology, this scanner can automatically adjust to the signals that are closest to you. Thus, you will find it easy to keep track of the activities in your area.

Thanks to the quick key system access, you can easily access the radio systems that you use regularly. The system also features keys that are simple to set up and regulate when you want information. It will help you save time by scanning the local signals that are available.

The S.A.M.E weather alert function provides support for Specific Area Message Encoding. These are unique codes that will alert you of when the weather is poor or requires alerts.


  • Comes with RF capture technology and GPS compatible
  • Can scan and search over 25,000 channels
  • Has a quick key system access with over 100 keys


  • N/A

Mirkit Waterproof Baofeng Plus MK1 8W Ham Radio

police scanner for car

The Mirkit Waterproof Radio is easy to program and has all the features you need to communicate with ease. It features an FM radio receiver, and several power settings for optimal convenience when using the radio. You can even hold the radio underwater for a few seconds, because of the unique IP67 port. Thus, it stays safe even when used in the dust, cold and wet environments.

The radio is available with a high performance 2200mAh battery, that will provide smooth UHF and VHF radio signals. It’s also easy to program, and the heavy-duty design ensures years of reliable performance.


  • Comes with convenient power settings
  • Supports two-way radio functions
  • Has an IP67 waterproof rating for optimal longevity
  • Easy to program and comes with a high-performance firmware


  • Not suitable for use outdoors such as in the rain

Extended Ham Radio Starter Kit Radio

digital trunking police scanner

A dynamic communication kit, the Extended Ham Radio kit is also an excellent recommendation for your needs. It has a robust 3800mAh battery and USB charger cable that can make it exceptionally portable. 

The USB charger lets you power your scanner from almost any type of power supply, including solar. Also, the entire set is available with a programming cable and speaker mic, which make it convenient to use.

The Radio starter kit is also exceptional because you can use it to reach transmitters that you have never come across before. The radio also lets you access various power settings for the ultimate efficiency.


  • Comes with a powerful 3800mAh battery for convenience
  • Available with a convenient USB charger for ease of use
  • The heavy-duty design ensures longevity


  • Could use improved ergonomics

Best Police Scanner Reviews: Final Thoughts

Communication is an essential resource in modern-day society. It’s a powerful and convenient resource you can use to share information. We have been looking at the best police scanner reviews on the market. It’s entirely legal to own a police scanner, especially if you want to use it for legitimate purposes.  These include services such as emergency, weather, police and more. That said, before buying one, try and do some research to ensure you get the best type for your communication purposes.

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