7 Best CB Radios for Jeep in 2021: Top Reviewed & Buying Guide

If you are planning to go on a safari or explore new lands with your Jeep, then having a CB radio is almost like a necessity. CB radios are perhaps some of the cheapest communication devices you can use to stay connected with your friends while exploring new areas.

Finding the best CB radio for your jeep can be a little bit challenging though. Jeeps are off-road vehicles which means that they can travel at high speeds and on uneven road surfaces. This means there will be lots of movement. In addition, since there is limited space inside the jeep, getting a small and compact CB radio makes more sense.

While you can do your own research to determine the best CB radio for your Jeep, we figured we’d give you a head start in the right direction. In this article, we review seven of the best CB radios that will perfectly complement your Jeep. If you’d rather start with our top pick, then you can check out the Uniden CMX760 first.

How We Picked These 7 CB Radios for Jeep

By default, CB radios that are ideal for Jeeps tend to be durable and can last you for years to come.

As such, our primary focus when selecting these CB radios for Jeep revolved around compactness, ruggedness, and performance.

Though not all the seven CB radios we selected are of the same size, we tried to pick those that are compact and lightweight. In addition, they had to be rugged enough since Jeeps are accustomed to harsh terrains.

We also had to consider the performance of the CB radios as well as their online reviews.

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Uniden PRO520XL

Extremely popular for Industrial, Commercial, and Off-Road use. Easily fits in most any vehicle because of its compact size.

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Reviews of Top 7 Best CB Radios for Jeep

Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off Road Series Compact Mobile CB Radio

Though you can struggle to fit anything inside your Jeep’s interior, the Uniden CMX760 Bearcat would be the perfect choice if space were an issue. Its design is unique as all major controls are on the mic for your convenient access.

uniden cmx760

Key Features

  • Large 7-color backlit LCD Display
  • 4.9-foot extension cable (8-foot total mic cord)
  • Squelch control
  • One touch 9/19 channel
  • S/RF meter

Measuring 0.97″ x 4″ x 3.86″, Uniden’s CMX760 could be perhaps one of the most compact CB microphones that you can comfortably fit in your Jeep. In addition, it makes great use of the limited space by having nearly all of its controls like the volume up and down buttons on the mic itself.

Performance-wise, the CMX760 is capped at 4W output power for AM as required by the FCC. It comes with noise reducing features such as ANL and squelch control. However, you may want to buy an external speaker for the unit since the compact in-built speaker can be difficult to hear in noisy environments.

The rugged antenna also has a 7-color backlit LCD display which adds convenience to CB radio operators who often find themselves using their CB radios in low light conditions.


  • Super compact
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with instant channel 9/19
  • Long extension cable


  • Quality of inbuilt speaker could be better

Uniden PRO505XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

Jeep owners will easily find themselves liking the Uniden PRO505XL because despite being small and compact in size, it does not necessarily compromise on the core features of a CB radio.

Uniden’s PRO505XL comes with a clean and simple interface but comes with features like PA functionality, instant channel 9/19 button, and a minimalist LCD display that shows the current channel and the signal strength.

uniden pro505xl

Key Features

  • Built-in signal/RF power indicator
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • PA functionality
  • Dynamic squelch control

You get an orange backlit LCD display panel with the Uniden PRO505XL. The LCD display is small, but it is easy to read values from it even from a few feet away. As it only displays the current channel and the signal strength, there will be less distractions whenever you’re operating the radio.

In addition, we were also impressed with how simple and user friendly the radio was in general. The simple layout makes the radio easy to understand and operate.

On the other hand, if you were worried about performance because of its size, you would be happy to know that it comes with a handful of features that greatly reduce noise while it’s in operation. As such, you get decent sound quality from the radio.


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Simple user interface
  • Comes with squelch control and an RF meter
  • Has a PA functionality


  • Lacks ANL

Midland Radio 75-822 Portable Mobile CB Radio

If you loved the design of the Uniden CMX760 Bearcat, then you will likely find the Midland 75-822 appealing as well. As it is a radio from a respected brand, you can expect the 75-822 to have the performance and features that professional and amateur CB radio users would need.

midland radio 75-822

Key Features

  • Inbuilt ANL
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Squelch control
  • 4W output power
  • Automatic channel scan

Compactness always means that some features would have to be discarded. However, Midland’s 75-822 compact CB radio didn’t seem to leave out any important feature from their radio.

If you’re looking to eliminate unwanted background noise, the radio’s squelch control will come to the rescue. In addition, since it also has built-in ANL, you can leave it on to ensure that you always get good reception even when your radio receives weak signals.

For a compact radio like the Midland 75-822, we can say that the LCD display is fairly large since it displays the channel, signal strength, and various other parameters. It might not be a multi-color display, but since it is backlit, you can use it in dark or poorly lit areas.


  • Has a backlit display panel
  • Comes with instant channel 9/19 button
  • Inbuilt ANL functionality
  • Squelch control helps eliminate noise
  • Rugged construction hence durable


  • Lacks RF meter
  • Costly

Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

As you may have already guessed, the Uniden Pro 510XL is an upgrade from the Uniden PRO505XL. You should thus expect it to have slightly better performance along with some features that the PRO505XL lacked. For us, one of the biggest perks of the radio was that it could handle up to 7W of audio output.

uniden pro510xl

Key Features

  • Inbuilt ANL and comes with a noise limiter
  • Has a signal/RF meter
  • 7W audio output power
  • Squelch control
  • 40 channel operation

The PRO510XL maintains the same look of the Uniden PRO505XL, but with some few additional features. Its LCD display, for instance, can now show other parameters such as the RF power and whether the radio is transmitting or not.

The radio only features three knobs with one being for the volume, another being for squelch control, and the last one for changing the channel. The combination of ANL, squelch, and the noise limiter all gave the radio amazing noise-handling capability.

While the Uniden PRO510XL comes with an inbuilt speaker, you may find yourself searching for an external speaker since it is not so audible in moderately noisy environments.


  • Great transmission and reception capabilities
  • Handles noise adequately
  • Comes with a signal/RF meter for your convenience
  • Has a 7W audio output power
  • Easy to install and use


  • May be too basic for some users

Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB

You might have some trouble differentiating the Midland 1001LWX from the Uniden PRO510XL because their front-facing plates have almost the same controls. The position of the volume, squelch, and channel knobs are identical in both radios. However, you will notice that the 1001LWX has a larger LCD display panel.

midland 1001lwx

Key Features

  • 4W output power
  • Large backlit LCD panel
  • RF gain control
  • Comes with PA functionality
  • Squelch control

We liked the Midland 1001LWX because it also came with a clean and neat-looking interface in addition to the fact that it is also super compact. Installing this radio in your Jeep will be a breeze as well since it comes with its own mounting hardware.

While noise is something that even the best CB radios must deal with, the 1001LWX comes armed with features like the ANL and squelch control. ANL helps improve the radio’s reception to weak incoming signals while squelch control helps with removing unwanted background noise while transmitting.

You can also toggle between the PA and CB mode of the radio by pressing the CB/PA button that has been conveniently placed on the top left corner of the radio. On the same note, it is worth mentioning that you would need a CB horn if you intend to use the PA feature.


  • Radio has RF gain control for adjusting sensitivity
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Comes with squelch control
  • Features built-in weather scan technology


  • Poor quality stock microphone

Jeep Wrangler 75WXST

Its name alone speaks volumes about what you should expect from this radio. It is popularly referred to as the Jeep Wrangler 75WXST because it fits most Jeep Wrangler JK models all the way back to 2011. However, this radio is actually the Cobra 75WXST.

overloaded jeep wrangler

Key Features

  • 4W AM output power
  • Adjustable squelch and RF gain
  • Built-in NOAA receiver
  • 4 memory channels
  • Comes with keyboard lock

The 75WXST also goes down as one of the most compact CB radios you can get for your Jeep apart from the Uniden CMX760 Bearcat and the Midland 75-822.

It has a tiny LCD display, but we didn’t have any problems reading values from the radio. Other than its display, the Jeep Wrangler 75WXST comes with the SoundTracker feature which you may not find with other CB radios. The radio’s SoundTracker feature simply helps to keep transmissions clear by reducing up to 90% of outside noise.

Another interesting feature of the 75WXST is that it comes with dual watch functionality meaning that you can monitor two channels of your choice at the same time.

Installation of the unit is fairly easy as well. You only need two screws to secure the radio in place before you can start using it.


  • Affordable
  • SoundTracker technology helps improve transmission and reception
  • Comes with dual watch functionality


  • The four memory channels get filled up fast

Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

The PRO520XL is Uniden’s best performing radio when compared against other Uniden radios like the Uniden PRO505XL and the Uniden PRO510XL. You may notice that even though the Uniden PRO510XL has a striking resemblance to the 520XL, the Uniden 520XL has a few extra features such as ANL and RF gain control.

uniden pro520xl

Key Features

  • Instant channel 9
  • PA functionality
  • RF gain control
  • Adjustable squelch
  • Signal strength/RF meter

Uniden PRO520XL finally comes with nearly all the features that a CB operator would want in a radio. The inclusion of the ANL feature, for instance means that you will have less noise getting in the way during transmission or reception.

Additionally, we couldn’t take the adjustable RF gain control for granted because it was a feature which the Uniden PRO510XL lacked. With RF gain control, you can adjust the sensitivity of this radio so that it is able to pick up more signals.


  • Small, compact, and feature packed
  • Comes with RF gain control and squelch
  • Features an RF meter


  • None

What to Consider Before Buying CB Radios for Jeep

You may not have an issue picking a general-purpose CB radio. However, things are a little different when you are looking to buy a CB radio for your jeep.

Jeeps will often drive through harsh terrain and will be prone to frequent jerks. Consequently, CB radios that cannot sustain the vibrations created by the jerks can be easily damaged.

Below, we look at some of the things you should look out for before settling on a CB radio for your jeep.


For Jeeps, you want to look for CB radios that are compact. This is because they effectively use up the space in your vehicle’s interior compared to other types of CB radios.

In addition, compact CB radios leave your interior looking neat and cluster-free. You will equally find out that compact CB radios are easier to install. As such, you won’t spend a lot of time setting up the CB radio.

Automatic Channel Scanning

You definitely want a CB radio that has automatic channel scanning. This comes in handy when you are driving on uneven road surfaces. With one press of a button, the radio will scan for channels with activity and will stop once it detects an active channel.

Rather than having to drive your Jeep and manually press the scan button each time, a CB radio with automatic channel scanning will ensure you spend the least amount of time to scan.


This is one more feature you’ll be needing in your CB radio if you intend to use the radio in your Jeep. The noise limiter will help cut background noise in addition to decreasing any unwanted sounds that get to your radio.

Antenna Mount Location

Where you place your antenna on your Jeep will determine a few other things that may make or break your CB radio experience. Jeeps are huge and will naturally provide you with a mounting surface that is high enough. As a result, the ideal antenna when you pick a CB radio for your Jeep needs to be about 2-4 feet.

Cable Length

Depending on where you mount your antenna, this will equally affect the length of coax cable you need. While a short coax cable is always recommended, an 8-foot coax cable would still be ideal if you want to mount the CB’s antenna on the rear side of your Jeep.

Ideally, you should mostly focus on the size and weight of the CB radio before selecting one for your Jeep. However, you shouldn’t disregard a radio’s appearance. Jeeps have a clean-looking dashboard which could equally be complemented with a neat and presentable radio. This is why compact CB radios are great for Jeeps.

Final Verdict

We may have picked only seven of the best CB radios for your Jeep that we could find, but there are plenty other options in the market. Since the ideal CB radio for a Jeep is one that is compact enough to use the limited space available, much of your focus should be on the radio’s size. The key to getting the best CB radio for your Jeep is to thus look out for a compact radio that has all the necessary features you think you need. This is because these are the same features that will make your CB radio experience great.

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