7 Best CB Antenna Review 2021

How to Buy the Best CB Antenna

An antenna is the most critical aspect of your CB system. CB radios, even the best types on the market, are available with only 4 watts of peak power. Thus, one of the best ways to use CB radios is to get a proper antenna. 

Usually, antennas are affordable components, with the tough part being able to distinguish between different design features. If you want to improve the communications range of your antenna, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the type of antenna that you get for your needs. 

The best type of antenna is that one that suits your specific needs and is suitable for diverse communications. However, some brands tend to be much more popular, primarily due to their dynamic design features.

best cb antenna

Best CB Antenna from A Glance 

Factors to Consider When Buying CB Antenna

CB Antenna Wattage

When shopping for a CB antenna, you will notice that there are many wattage ratings available for you to consider. The rating determines the amount of wattage your antenna can accommodate at any point. Ensure that your chosen antenna can accommodate a large wattage level, as when compared to that of your radio.

Remember that all CB radios should not produce more than 4 watts. Even radios that have SSB have a maximum of 12 watts. Some believe that when they purchase a 5,000-watt antenna, this will improve the performance of their 4-watt antenna. However, this is not true. Why? Because antennas that have high wattage power ratings are typically used for CB radios that have been modified for high output purposes. Before using such radios, you may have to get a certification or license from the FCC.

Types of Antennas

There are three main types of antennas, which include fiberglass, base station, and whip antennas. You are most likely to come across an antenna made using fiberglass material. While these types tend to be affordable, they are simple to install and offer longevity. 

The whip antennas are base or center loaded antennas, which often feature a long steel whip that you can tie down when not in use. It’s a common tool among professional drivers or emergency assistance teams. These types have to be mounted higher on cars and are not often as efficient as the top-loaded antennas.

The best antennas are the taller aluminum or fiberglass antennas, which are usually common in base stations with fixed locations. You may have to mount these antennas high and also to provide convenient power handling.

CB Antenna Mount Size/Type

If you have a mounting kit that is suitable for your antenna, you won’t come across any compatibility problems. If not, you have to ensure that the antenna matches the thread in the mount, such that installing screws becomes convenient. Also, ensure that your chosen mount is compatible with the antenna. For antennas that are larger than 4ft, go for a heavy-duty mount to make things convenient.

The last thing you want is an antenna that is susceptible to issues such as bad weather. You have to ensure that you go for a large and sturdy mount to make installation as convenient as possible. Most magnetic mounts are convenient, but may not support an antenna longer than 5ft.

Choosing the Best CB Antenna Mounting Location

The mounting location is also crucial towards the performance of the antenna. You want to install the antenna higher, to improve the quality of your signal. Furthermore, you want to install the antenna vertically. At a minimum, the coil and each section of the antenna need to be clear of the roof, to avoid causing interference and over reflecting the signal. Also, you don’t want to mount the antenna where it is easily prone to breakage. Consider installing the antenna on a fender, and on a surface where the antenna will receive the best signal quality.

Choosing the Best CB Antenna Cable

A critical component of the installation of process would be the coax cable. You have to consider the length of the coax cable, from the radio to the antenna mount. If you want to install the antenna in a place such as your car or boat, then you will need long lengths of cable. It’s recommended that you get an average of 20 ft of cable, even if the amount is excessive. Most CB antennas come pre-tuned with long lengths of cable to make things convenient for users. 

If you have to for a longer or shorter cable, consider performing a pre-measurement process to make things convenient. If you have an additional cable, never cut it off or wrap it, because this might compromise the performance of the cable. Instead, ensure that you store your cables correctly to ensure optimal longevity and to avoid compromising the connection quality.

Other Important Factors

  • Magnet mount – this feature has many benefits. It makes it easy to mount the antenna on the surface of a car, boat, or even desk. More so, ensure the magnet mount is durable and powerful enough to resist high-velocity wind. 
  • Power – the power of CB antennas range between 50 to 20,000 watts. That’s quite an extensive range, and you should also consider the legal wattage limits. 
  • Material – the top antennas in this list are made using different material types. While some are made using stainless steel, you will also find some made using aluminum, fiberglass, and more. Usually, these materials are lightweight and offer exceptional durability. 
  • Height – the height averages between 17 to 63 inches. The most crucial factor to consider is the specific positioning of the antenna. For instance, a 5-foot antenna won’t necessarily fit in most garages. 
  • Frequency – this determines the number of channels your radio can identify. You want a powerful antenna, which lets you access people on different channels. If you want improved diversity, go for an antenna with a good frequency range.
  • Brand – similar to any product you will on the market, you want to go for an antenna made by a reliable brand. The common ones include prostick, Nagoya, Wilson, and more. 

7 Best CB Antenna Reviews

WILSON 305-495 3500-Watt Trucker Antenna (Black)

Best Overall

wilson 305-495

You are one step away from improving the communications range of your CB radio. This all thanks to the Wilson 305 495 Trucker antenna, which is rated at 3500 watts. The CB radio has an exceptional frequency range of between 26 MHz to 30 MHz.

Even more, the antenna even comes with a larger coil housing, which provides optimal power handling benefits.

Similar to all the top antenna brands you will find on the market, this unit has a heavy-duty design, which makes it durable. You can expect the antenna to provide several years of performance, and it’s also safe from issues such as water and dust exposure. 

The radio is also simple to install and set up, thus making it ideal for modern-day communication purposes. Once you install it on your chosen surface, the antenna sits stable and is resistant to issues such as wind and changing weather patterns. You will even appreciate the durable design of the radio, which means that it can withstand even the harshest road conditions.


  • Rated at 3500 watts with a 26 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range
  • Large coil housing for optimal power handling
  • Heavy-duty CB antenna is durable
  • Weatherproof and stable magnetic base


  • Could be available in a better finish
  • The antenna is not long enough for some users

Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount Antenna

Editor’s Choice

authentic genuine nagoya ut-72

Experience the best of convenient connectivity options when you have the Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Mount antenna. This dual-band magnet mount antenna, with over 4db of gain, is perfect for convenient communications.

It comes with a super flexible SMA adapter cable, which makes communication easy and convenient. Even more, this unit will help you improve your signal, by mounting the antenna to any vehicle, and by using a steel body. The antenna is also 2.5 mm thick, which is way much larger than most 1.5mm found on most mounts today. 

To make things better, the UT-72 antenna, when mounted vertically, is omnidirectional, which makes it easy to receive a signal from almost any direction. The antenna features a unique, rare earth magnet on its 3.25 magnetic mount to make it ideal for pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, and more. With a total of 14 feet of heavy-duty RG-58, you will be able to set up this antenna easily in almost any vehicle application.


  • High quality signal and transmission range
  • Weatherproof and stable magnetic base
  • Super loading coil improves UHF signal
  • Easy to install and omnidirectional structure


  • It takes time to install correctly
  • The exterior finish fades fast

Prostick 2` Foot Fiberglass 1000 Watt – Black CB Radio Antenna

Best for Small Spaces

prostick 2 foot fiberglass

Discover the excellence of the Pro stick 2-foot fiberglass 1000-watt CB radio antenna, which is perfect for various types of CB radio. This powerful and compact antenna sets up simple and can provide reliable communication benefits to suit your needs.

On top of that, the antenna also has an exclusive “VibraSorb,” anti-breakable design, which enhances the lifespan of the antena. 

You will also be pleased that this antenna is connected using a special fiberglass material, which is both durable and long lasting. The Prostick Brand seemed to have a clear understanding of owning an antenna, which is simple to install and durable. Thus, this unit sets up easy, and the structure of the antenna sits stable on most surfaces, including your car. 

More so, the Prostick 1000-watt antenna offers an exceptional range coverage, which you won’t necessarily find on most antennas today. The best part is that it’s compatible with most flagship antennas you will find on the market today.


  • The 1000-watt rating provides optimal antenna power
  • Made and connected using fiberglass material
  • Anti-breakage design enhances the longevity of the aerial
  • Simple to install on most surfaces


  • N/A

Tram Amateur Dual Band Hi-Gain Hi-Power Magnet Antenna

Best Heavy Duty

tram amateur dual band

With the Tram Amateur Dual-band Hi-power magnet antenna, you are sure of a robust and reliable way to communicate during emergencies. This compact unit offers an exceptional 2.4Dbd gain and has a heavy-duty design, which ensures years of reliable signal quality.

On top of that, the antenna is also pre-tuned to make it easy to use, especially when using a CB radio. With an excellent 180w power rating, this CB antenna makes up for the perfect way to communicate conveniently. 

It even features a whip made using stainless steel and is black in color. While this unit is available in only one finish, it is durable and can provide many years of reliable longevity. It can resist exposure to elements such as dust, dirt, water, and more. Usually, the longer the antenna, the better the signal quality and your ability to get challenging stations. The shorter antennas tend to be more portable and convenient, which is a central aspect of this high-quality unit.

The makers of this unit have done well to ensure that it can extend the range of your communication. You can use it to receive hard to hear signals and even to transmit your communications further. More so, this unit works well to improve the transmission gain of your radio, as when compared to the conventional factory antenna.


  • Pre-tuned to make it easy to use
  • 180-watt power rating for top radio performance
  • Hi-power magnet antenna with two frequency ranges
  • Black and chrome-plated stainless steel


  • The antenna is not compatible with a few radios
  • Could use a larger mount port

CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio 27 Mhz,Portable Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

cb antenna 28 inch for cb radio

Extend the range of communication significantly when you have the CB Antenna 28 inch for CB radio. This unit features a long and tall antenna, which ensures an exceptional signal range for your needs. Furthermore, the CB antenna even comes with a magnet mount, with pre-installed 10 ft of coaxial cable and a stainless-steel whip.

You will also appreciate the unique magnetic base, which will improve the reception by harnessing large metal surfaces. The CB antenna is also weather channel capable, and it covers all the standard CB frequencies you can find. Thanks to the heavy-duty design of this unit, you are sure of a reliable addition to your communication regimen.


  • The long antenna offers an outstanding signal range
  • Comes with magnet mount and coaxial cable
  • Magnetic base helps improve reception
  • Stainless steel construction is durable


  • N/A

KCTIN CB Antenna UT-72 Dual-Band VHF/UHF

kctin cb antenna

Communication is convenient and comfortable when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why the KTCIN CB Antenna UT-72 dual-band antenna is an excellent recommendation for your needs.

It’s a full kit antenna, which has a magnet mount base and heavy-duty cable, thus making it ideal for communication purposes. The DUAL BAND antenna is perfect for both ham and CB radios.

The makers of this unit seemed to understand the importance of making a unit that is simple to set up and install. Thus, the KCTIN UT-72 Dual Band Antenna is easy to fix on the roof of your car, and it also has a 3-inch magnetic base. The magnetic base is both durable and stable, thus making it easy to set up. 

On top of that, this antenna is available with a heavy-duty cable, which lets you place the antenna in a convenient position. With a frequency range of 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz, you have a powerful radio, which is convenient and powerful for communication purposes.


  • CB antenna with magnet mount base
  • DUAL BAND radio is ideal for both HAM and CB radios
  • Easy to install on the roof of your car
  • Comes with SMA adapter which is easy to install on radios


  • The mount is not suitable for windy areas
  • Does not come with a cable

Nagoya CB-72 28″ CB Antenna (26-28 MHz), Center Coil-Loaded

nagoya cb-72

Without a good antenna, your CB Base station will not function as required. Thus, we also recommend the Nagoya CB-72 Antenna, as another reasonable recommendation for your needs. The antenna does not require ant tuning, and it also has a unique satin finish.

On top of that, the Nagoya CB-72 features the unique PL-259 connector, which is common among most CB base stations today. The CB base antenna also pairs with many flagship base stations, with a small amount of installation procedures being required. 

Thanks to the heavy-duty magnetic mount, this antenna is easy to mount for optimal performance and low SWR. It’s the perfect antenna for mounting on your CB radio. The makers of this unit have also done well to make it as dynamic as possible, for the best signal reception.

For instance, the antenna can be mounted vertically, which makes it easy to receive signals from almost any direction. The antenna features a rare earth magnet on the 3.5-inch mount, which is ideal for cars, trucks, vans, tractors, and more. With well over 18 feet of heavy-duty cable, you are sure this unit is convenient to set up. The antenna is 4mm thick when compared to the conventional 2.5mm antennas, you will find on most mounts.


  • Heavy-duty magnetic mount
  • Comes with rare earth magnet for ease of installation
  • 4mm thick antenna suitable for vans and SUVs
  • Has a heavy-duty cable


  • Replacing the mount is not easy
  • The antenna is sensitive to changing weather patterns


Communications devices have unquestionably come a long way over the years. Nowadays, we have CB base stations, which are suitable for emergency assistance and even outdoor purposes such as camping. Thus, you need the best CB antenna, if you want to enjoy a good quality signal each time. A good antenna is simple.

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