Best CB Antenna for Semi Trucks

One of the best things that you can do for your convenience on the road is to invest in a good CB radio. However, that alone might not be enough. Your radio might need a good cb antenna for your semi to work well.

To truly maximize the distance over which you can receive and transmit signals, you will need the help of a good CB radio.  BUT, it is also essential to pair it with the best cb antenna that can push out closer to 1,000 watts. This gets you more range, more clarity, and more reliability, which will simply make your CB radio perform better.

cb antenna for semi trucks

Types of CB Antennas

Before we jump into some of the best CB antennas for your semi-truck, let’s first take a look at and understand the types of antennas that you can find on the market.

Going through this list will allow you to better understand the variations when it comes to CB antennas and which one might work best for you.

1. Fiberglass Antenna

These antennas, as the name suggests, consist of a pole made of fiberglass with copper wire wrapped around it and topped off with a coat of durable and protective material.

The main advantage of a fiberglass antenna, other than being cheap, is that they do not need to be mounted at a height to give their best performance.

This is an upside for semi-truck drivers who do not want to prop their CB antennas at a height in case there is a low tunnel to drive through.

2. Whip Antennas

Whip antennas, also known as base-loaded antennas, are the most common type of CB antennas. These are the traditional antennas and are quite affordable.

A great plus side of having this antenna installed on your semi-truck is that the top steel whip of it can be tied down or put away when not in use.

Even though they require a good height to work efficiently, you can put your mind to rest knowing there won’t be any height issues on the road.

3. Center-Loaded Antennas

Often called ‘truck antennas’, center-loaded antennas stand at a great height with a thick base making up most of the height.

They work great for on-road trips and can cover large distances while being mounted at a medium height.

Ready to take a look at some of the best antennas available on the market for your semi-truck? Let’s jump right into the review.

Best CB Antenna for Semi-Truck: Comparison Table


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Top 10 Best CB Antenna for Semi-Truck Reviews 2021

#1 Wilson 305-492 T2000 CB Antenna

best magnetic cb antenna

The first on our list and the best CB antenna in our opinion is the Wilson T2000.

As mentioned before, center-loaded antennas work best for semi-trucks. This is because it is easier to make the most out of them even when you prop them at a medium height.

The Wilson T2000 has a stainless steel whip that measures an outstanding 49 inches. This allows you to prop your antenna anywhere you need without the hassle of propping it at the highest point on your semi-truck.

Additionally, the coil housing installed on the antenna is of a larger house. The benefit of this specific feature is that it allows the CB antenna to have a higher power handling capacity. This means that, when connected to a good CB radio, the antenna can give a power output of 3500 watts.

We were impressed with its range as it covers frequencies ranging from 26 MHz to 30 MHz.

The best feature, however, is the fact that the antenna has been manufactured with a weather cap. We found it quite efficient. It reduces static disturbance, providing you with clear-cut communication even in the most remote on-road locations.

Another great thing about this CB antenna is that it comes ready to use out of the box.

Installing the antenna might take a while since you have to screw it into your semi-truck. However, other than that, the weather-band and tuning are ready to use and require no additional adjustments.


  • Thermoplastic base for extra durability
  • Better coil housing for higher power handling
  • Weather cap ensures the voice is clear


  • Does not have a magnetic installation option

If you own a semi-truck and are in search of a good CB antenna that can handle the high power output of your CB radio then consider investing in the Wilson 305-492 T2000 CB radio. It works well but remember that installing it requires some effort.

#2 Midland 18-2442 CB Antenna

best cb antennas

With a center-loaded design, the Midland CB antenna provides efficiency that remains unmatched.

The Midland CB antenna can capture stronger signals on the road thanks to a 30-inch stainless steel whip.

Additionally, you might notice a thick spring wrapped around the base of the antenna. It’s a spring that works to prevent any damage caused by impact to your antenna while driving through a particularly rough road.

We loved how efficient the spring is. It increases the overall durability of your antenna.

Coming to the installation of the CB antenna, a lot of people will be pleased to hear that the Midland antenna can be easily attached to the roof of your truck with the help of the strong magnet that comes attached to its base.

The magnetic base is protected by a durable plastic covering that does not only enhance the durability of the magnet, but also prevents your car from sustaining any damage.

As opposed to other antennas where you usually need to purchase a separate connector wire, the Midland CB antenna comes with a 17-foot long coax cable already attached to the antenna for easy connection to your CB radio.

What’s even better is that you also get a universal connector that can be connected to pretty much any CB radio. Whether you have a new model or a new one, you will have no trouble connecting this to your radio.

The range of this CB antenna reaches out about 4 miles. It works well even in suburban areas; you get static-free communication after you give it a good tune and make sure it works properly.

After tuning the SWR to 2:1, you can easily get channels 1-30, which can be of great help on unknown roads.


  • Scratch and rust resistant protective plastic covering
  • Offers up to 4 miles of range
  • Comes with a connector and coax-cable for easy connection


  • The antenna is not made to handle impacts

The Midland 18-2442 CB antenna is one of the best options for any semi-truck driver. The spring works well and the range is great but it isn’t as durable as other options on the list. Pick this one if you want a unit that is easy to install.

#3 Browning BR-28 CB Antenna

low profile cb antennas

With great affordability and high quality signal reception, the CB Antenna by Browning is a good catch for any truck driver out there.

The highlight of this antenna is the power it can produce. It can handle an astonishing 10,000 watts of power on the citizen band.  Talk about clear cut communication and access to unlimited power!

Coming to the actual design of the antenna, its unique gold color matches the overall look of any truck.

Additionally, the 49-inch stainless steel whip, paired with a 6-inch shaft made of stainless steel, makes it easy to install the antenna even at a mid-height and still get good signal reception.

At first look, the chrome plated coil may seem like an aesthetic accessory, but it does more than that. The position of the antenna keeps it above the roofline of most semi-trucks.

The advantage of this special placement is that it prevents signal blocking when it comes to signal transmission from the unit, which is a common problem faced by truck drivers.

Worried about the antenna not mounting well on your vehicle due to its size and weight? Fear not.

The CB Antenna comes with a powerful, three-way mount system that is unique and exclusive. It makes installation a piece of cake. You will not have to hire pros or waste a lot of time taking care of the installation process.

The frequency range of this CB antenna stands at 25-30 MHz. Luckily, you can increase the range by connecting your antenna to a CB radio that has a higher power output.

Adjusting the antenna is as easy as it gets. Simply tune the whip and you’re done. You will require no extra tuning.


  • 10,000-watt power rating
  • 3-way installation for sturdiness
  • 64-inch length for better signal reception


  • Might not work well with all radios

This can be a great pick for truck drivers who want to converse without interruptions. The Browning BR-28 CB Radio is both affordable and efficient in its design and working.

#4 TRAM 703-HC CB Antenna

best cb antenna for semi truck

People who have used this CB antenna by Tram call it the best magnetic mount antenna that is available on the market. We tested this one and were quite impressed with what the beauty has to offer.

It comes with a coax cable measuring around 17-feet. With this one, you will not have to worry about connecting the antenna to your radio.

The antenna length is just as good and worth mentioning. At 2-foot tall, the antenna is perfect for enhancing signal reception over a wide area.

However, the best thing about the antenna is not its length, but rather its ability to access all CB frequencies. With this one, you will miss no channels and get access to the latest updates including weather updates so that you can be safe on the road no matter where you are.

Additionally, the 3.5 inch magnetic mount of the Tram CB antenna, paired with a strong and durable shock-absorbing spring, makes it sturdy and easy to install the unit. Even the strongest of winds will not knock it down, so you can easily go fast without worrying about the antenna coming off.

The stainless steel whip of the antenna also has a rust-resistant design. This allows you to leave your antenna out even in the rain or harsh weather conditions. This is great because an antenna that does not come with this feature can catch rust and lose its power rendering it useless.

We really liked how easy this one is to use. You’ll have no trouble adjusting this one. All you’ll have to do is move the top screw around.


  • Easy to tune and adjust
  • Fits perfectly even in strong winds caused
  • One of the most affordable CB antennas


  • The range might not be enough for some

Beginners who have never owned a CB antenna will find this incredibly easy to use and install. The TRAM 703-HC CB antenna requires no extra purchases and comes packed with all the required parts to make installation and usage even easier. Get your hands on this one if it’s your first CB antenna.

#5 LUITON Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

best cb radio for truckers

If you’re tired of the small lengths of CB antennas then you might be happy hearing that the LUITON CB antenna measures a whopping 28-inches. This works extremely well when it comes to reception.

This CB antenna comes ready to install out of the box. It comes with a 10-foot coax cable that makes it easy to connect it to a CB radio.

The base of the antenna features a strong 3.5-inch magnet, which is pretty reliable.

The magnetic installation also allows you to remove and attach the antenna according to your preference. No need to drill any holes or insert any screws.

This antenna can capture every possible CB frequency with clarity.

Additionally, it is also weather channel compatible, so you can keep track of the weather no matter which area you drive through.


  • Works in even the harshest weather conditions
  • Strong 3.5-inch magnet that will not lose its grip
  • Can access all CB frequencies


  • The 10-feet coax cable might be too short for some

The LUITON Magnetic Mount CB Antenna is another great choice that works for both professionals and beginners alike. It does not require heavy tuning and works quite easily.

#6 RoadPro RP-711 CB Antenna

best cb antenna

This is another great choice for people who do not require a large-sized antenna or a whole lot of features.

The RoadPro antenna measures only 24 inches and is, therefore, fit only for receiving signals over a smaller range.

Its entire body is made out of stainless steel, giving it a long-lasting build. This one will not erode regardless of the weather conditions.

The antenna has an incredibly strong and durable magnet that will not lose its hold even during the strongest winds.

This antenna can be easily used in semi-trucks thanks to its 9-foot long coax cable that comes with a universal connector that supports all CB radios.

It has great signal reception that will save you from static-interruptions while communicating with others on the road.

With a low SWR rating of 1.5:1, it can easily catch up to 40 channels, which is great considering its compact size.


  • Strong magnetic base that is wind-resistant
  • A 9-foot long coax cable is included with the antenna
  • Adjustable tip for easy tuning


  • The coax wire is too stiff

If you want a compact antenna that is both affordable and gets the job done in terms of good signal reception, then the RoadPro RP-711 CB Antenna can be a perfect fit for your on-road journeys.

Best CB Antenna for Semi-Truck: Buyer’s Guide

Although the list above mentions some of the best CB antennas that are available on the market for semi-trucks, it is important to keep in mind that not every antenna will fit your requirements.

Some things to take into consideration before making a final decision:

1. Mounting Location

Antennas can be mounted on a variety of different locations depending on the type and reception requirement that you have.

The hood, the roof of your vehicle, mirror bars and even the bumper and trunk of your truck are some great places to attach the antenna. So, where you decide to prop it really depends on your personal preference but we suggest you to consider these factors:

  1. When it comes to antennas, higher means better. The higher you place your antenna, the better it will perform in terms of sending and receiving signals.

  2. The coil of your antenna should remain above the roofline of your truck.

2. Cable Quality

Most of the CB antennas come with a coax cable. Be sure to check the quality of the cable as a poor quality cable can ruin signals.

Also, ensure that the package you go for includes a coax cable that fits the length that you want to put it across.

3. Technical Quality

Another factor to consider is the technical side of the antenna. Like most truckers, if you also use your CB radio to receive weather-related information on the road then it is important to go for an antenna that can access weather channels with ease.

Getting one that is compatible with most, if not all CB frequencies, is also an important part of getting the best out of your antenna.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to drive faster during journeys, then getting an antenna with a sturdy magnetic base should be your top priority. If you do not trust magnets, then go for the traditional screw-on mounting method.

Best CB Antennas for Semi-Trucks: Conclusion

And with that, we have reached the end of our list. Once again, it is necessary to remember that not every antenna will work for you. No matter how trendy or popular an antenna is, you should use the information above to help you make the right decision to fit your requirements.

In our opinion, the best cb antenna for a semi is the Wilson 305-492 T2000 CB Antenna. Not only does it feature a tall 49-inch antenna, but it also has a larger coil housing. This allows you to pair it with a powerful CB radio with ease.

If you are a beginner, then we recommend the TRAM 703-HC CB Antenna. This antenna comes ready-to-use and is able to receive and transmit signals from all CB frequencies.

In case you are looking for a cheaper option, that is not fancy but also gets the job done, then the RoadPro RP-711 CB Antenna can be a good pick. It is affordable yet reliable.

These were some of the best CB antennas for semi trucks. Consider these options and pick what suits you.

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