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10-4 meaning in cb talk

What does 10-4 Mean in CB Talk? Ten Four Meaning and It’s Origin

There are many things any CB Radio enthusiasts can learn from this process. A good example would be the various CB slang and lingo that exist out there. However, the issue is often that not many people can decipher these terms and it’s good to learn about when they are used.So, tell me what does […]

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Mic Wiring Color Code – The All Inclusive Guide!

Are you a professional songwriter, music producer, entertainment guide or more? Well, staying informed about the appliances that you use is crucial. The only challenge is that you have to keep track of various unique aspects and things to ensure the best results.We take a look at the popular mic wiring color code, and a […]

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how to set up and install a cb radio

How to Set Up and Install a CB Radio

A CB radio is an important tool for two way communication and for various applications. Even if most people set up their CBs in a house, it’s much better to place one in a car.Doing so, will ensure you can communicate easily with different people. Furthermore, the radio might also become useful in various emergency […]

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