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how to peak and tune in cb radio

How To Peak and Tune a CB Radio | Beginners Guide

Thanks for stopping by, and you are probably here because you have a CB radio. It’s good to start by realizing that CB radios feature an in built meter, which you can use to test the antenna system. It’s a powerful feature, because it can be beneficial for the functions of your device.It’s a testing […]

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best low profile cb antenna

Best Low Profile CB Antenna

Whether you are in the trucking business, or you perhaps run a security firm, or any other business that requires communication, owning the right resources is crucial. However, choosing the right one can sometimes prove to be a challenge, since these units are available in many brands.So, what are the best low profile CB antenna […]

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Factors Affecting CB Radio Range

There is a common question which people ask about CB antennas. The question is “what are the factors affecting CB radio range?”Well, getting an accurate answer to this question is tricky because it relates to various factors. We shall take a look at these factors, and various other factors that relate to the average and […]

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