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Top 11 Best Baofeng Radios in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Baofeng radios are popular today for a wide variety of reasons. They are affordable, pack in a lot of power, and are highly customizable. This makes them useful to ham radio enthusiasts and even commercial users like local municipalities.However, since there are many Baofeng radios to choose from, settling on one isn’t all that easy. […]

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Top 7 Best CB Base Antennas in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Congratulations! If you came looking for the best CB base antenna, then one of these two things might be true:You’re conversant with CBs and wanted to dive further into the amazing world of CBsYou finally realized that the stock antenna that your CB radio came with isn’t the bestWhichever the case, one fact remains true. […]

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rf gain and squelch on cb radio

RF Gain and Squelch on CB Radio

Noise usually comes in many forms. While it is impossible to get rid of noise, static noise should always be kept at a minimum because it will make you struggle a lot to hear the message.However, the RF gain and squelch control on your CB radio go to great lengths to ensure that the noise […]

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Top 7 Best CB Amplifiers in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

If your CB radio is still picking up frail sounds despite using a quality antenna, then you may need a CB amplifier. Ideally, an amplifier helps improve the sound quality.In many cases, high-end modern radios hardly ever need CB amplifiers because they can produce quality audio out of the box. Nevertheless, some mid-range and low-range […]

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7 Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck: Reviews & Buying Guide

CB radios offer a remarkable way of communicating with other drivers while you’re on the road. They offer get tons of useful information such as weather updates from NOAA weather channels and even let you get traffic updates from your fellow drivers.Not all CB radios offer the same experience though. To many drivers, nothing is […]

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cb radio frequency chart channel

CB Radio Frequencies and CB Channels: What You Need to Know

CB radios are great for a number of reasons. Unlike ham radios, they do not require you to have a license to use them and they have up to 40 channels at your disposal. The vast number of channels means that you have plenty of options whenever you want to engage in short distance communication. However, […]

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how to tune a cb radio without a swr meter

How to Tune a CB Radio Without an SWR Meter

Getting your first CB radio is a memorable moment that you will forever treasure. The joy you get from being able to communicate with other drivers while on the road is simply magical. However, before you can start fiddling with your radio and knowing its range, it is important that you properly tune your CB radio.Many […]

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Must Have Ham Radio Accessories – You Can’t Ignore Them

Out of the box, ham radios are powerful communication devices that have great capabilities. They can allow you to communicate with other people who live hundreds of miles away from your city or country without requiring repeaters or base stations like CB radios.However, you can make your ham radio even more powerful by hooking it […]

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walkie talkie morse code

Walkie Talkie Morse Codes You Should Know

Disasters can strike at any time and without warning. In 2019, for instance, Hurricane Dorian caused damages exceeding $3 billion and left over 70 people dead and over 200 people missing. As you may have guessed, it affected most regular communication channels.While some communication channels were still functional, it was a harsh reminder that we […]

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ham radio lingo and q-codes

Ham Radio Lingo and Q-Codes

Ham operators still use Morse Code. However, as you can imagine, sending a lengthy text can be time-consuming. Of course, you can always pair your ham radio with a computer for a smoother experience but using Q-Codes will make communication faster.Ham operators also developed their own lingo just like CB radio owners. Using Q-Codes and […]

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