magnum cb radio reviews

Magnum CB Radio Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

When it comes to investing in any form of technology, it is always best when you can get a product from a reliable and popular brand. In this guide, we shall be looking at two of the most popular Magnum CB radio reviews. These reviews will help put you in a better position to choose […]

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cobra 18wxstii review

Cobra 18 WX ST II Review & Buyer’s Guide 2020

There is nothing better than getting a sleek and convenient solution that addresses your unique communication needs. Well, this is what you can expect from the Cobra 18 WX ST II. It is a CB radio that comes with all the unique features you would wish for in a communication device. The extra-long mic cord […]

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Connex 3300HP

Connex 3300HP Review & Buyer’s Guide 2020

What happens when you want a high-quality communication device for either emergency or convenient usage? Well, the Connex 3300HP review is an excellent place for you to start with. At first glance, the CB radio has a heavy-duty design and excellent ease of use features. These include things such as the ergonomic keys and the […]

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ranger cb radio reviews

5 Best Ranger CB Radio Reviews in 2020

Every industry has giants, and in the CB world, Ranger is one of them. Their CB radios are renowned for exceptional performance, build quality and exceptional reliability. Ranger always jam packs their CBs with features that give a customer the best communication experience while using their equipment. Ranger also continues to innovate their products, and this […]

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realistic cb radios reviews

Top 5 Realistic CB Radios: Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are new to the CB radio world, you might be wondering what kinds of realistic CB radios exist in the market. However, chances are you may be laughing a few moments later after realizing that Realistic is a popular CB radio manufacturer that produces amazing CB radios.So, what is the best Realistic CB […]

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cb radio whip antennas

Best CB Radio Whip Antennas Review

CB whip antennas are crucial to those who seek to better their communication experience or take it to the next level. More often than not, CB radio enthusiasts constantly seek to improve on their equipment to make them powerful and reliable in some cases. Adding a CB whip antenna will allow you to do some things […]

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firestik cb radio antenna

Top 5 FireStik CB Radio Antenna: Reviews & Buying Guide

Your CB radio is nothing without a great antenna, and FireStik might just be the brand that has the antenna you’ve been looking for. It is a well-respected brand that has earned a good reputation when it comes to CB radio antennas.While there are plenty of different antennas to choose from, FireStik only has a […]

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Uniden PRO510XL review

Uniden PRO510XL Review & Buyer’s Guide 2020

Uniden PRO510XL is a simple but professional 40 Channel CB Radio that is ultra-compact. Not everyone has a large space to install their CBs. For example, cars or pickups have very small cabins. This makes the PRO510XL a perfect solution in such scenarios because you would be forced to improvise with large radios. The Uniden PRO510XL […]

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best swr meter

Top 7 Best SWR Meter in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting a good CB radio is usually the first great milestone for any CB radio enthusiast, but when it comes to tuning your radio, SWR meters become an unavoidable subject.SWR meters are more than essential if you want to get perfect signals from your CB radio, and that is why finding the best SWR meter […]

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best 10 meter cb radio

5 Best 10 Meter CB Radios in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the best 10-meter CB radios is not all that difficult if you are a skilled ham operator. After all, acquiring a license to operate a 10-meter radio means that you are knowledgeable enough to pick a good 10-meter radio.Sadly, the challenge is that there are plenty of 10-meter radio brands in the market today. […]

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