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firestik cb radio antenna

Top 5 FireStik CB Radio Antenna: Reviews & Buying Guide

Your CB radio is nothing without a great antenna, and FireStik might just be the brand that has the antenna you’ve been looking for. It is a well-respected brand that has earned a good reputation when it comes to CB radio antennas.While there are plenty of different antennas to choose from, FireStik only has a […]

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Uniden PRO510XL review

Uniden PRO510XL Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Uniden PRO510XL is a simple but professional 40 Channel CB Radio that is ultra-compact. Not everyone has a large space to install their CBs. For example, cars or pickups have very small cabins. This makes the PRO510XL a perfect solution in such scenarios because you would be forced to improvise with large radios. The Uniden PRO510XL […]

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best swr meter

Top 7 Best SWR Meter in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting a good CB radio is usually the first great milestone for any CB radio enthusiast, but when it comes to tuning your radio, SWR meters become an unavoidable subject.SWR meters are more than essential if you want to get perfect signals from your CB radio, and that is why finding the best SWR meter […]

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best 10 meter cb radio

5 Best 10 Meter CB Radios in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the best 10-meter CB radios is not all that difficult if you are a skilled ham operator. After all, acquiring a license to operate a 10-meter radio means that you are knowledgeable enough to pick a good 10-meter radio.Sadly, the challenge is that there are plenty of 10-meter radio brands in the market today. […]

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best portable cb radios

4 Best Portable CB Radio

CBs have had a loyal following all through the years. The handheld types are most convenient, especially when you have to travel on foot. They are small, simple to use, and you can easily convert them for mobile use. More so, these radios can keep you informed about road and weather conditions while also making […]

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best hunting radios

Best Hunting Radios To Buy In 2021

Two-way radios are not the same as the walkie talkies that you used to buy when you were a child. These are much more futuristic versions designed to provide extensive coverage, weather resistance, and clarity. More so, the best hunting radios are also designed to be rugged and provide useful features such as vibrate functionalities. […]

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best handheld ham radio for survival

11 Best Handheld Ham Radio for Survival: Reviews & Buying Guide

In 2019 alone, different countries had either experienced tornadoes, wildfires, or floods. Since fighting with mother nature is not always easy, it makes sense to adequately prepare for such emergency situations in advance.One tool that you will need is probably going to be a ham radio and particularly a handheld ham radio. Ideally, having a […]

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best cb external speakers

The 9 Best CB External Speaker in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Speakers are the one thing you really have to appreciate in a CB radio. When all is said and done about a CB radio’s power, range, and even the features, it all boils down to how clearly your speaker sounds and whether it is audible enough.Unfortunately, the CB speakers that ship with CB radios are […]

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best cb coax cable

7 Best CB Coax Cable in 2021: Top Item Reviews & Buying Guide

We often look for the best CB and most feature-packed CB radios for a good reason. They are dependable and have impressive performance. However, few people will remember to pick a high-quality CB coax cable, and this robs them of the much-needed extra performance.Your antenna’s strength is only as good as the CB coax cable […]

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best ham radio transceiver

11 Best Ham Radio Transceiver: Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Searching for the best ham radio transceiver is no easy task. Since there are hundreds of ham radio transceivers to choose from, you’d probably take some time before you settle on a couple which really stood out. You would also need to read the reviews of all the radios you liked to avoid getting disappointed […]

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